Myanmar attends Cheque Sharing Ceremony of ALFS in Tokyo

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Attendees of the Cheque Sharing Ceremony are seen.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Daw Lè Lè, the wife of the Myanmar Ambassador to Japan, attended the Cheque Sharing Ceremony of the Tokyo-based Asia-Pacific Ladies Friendship Society (ALFS) on 15 May, where she received a profit-sharing cheques for the Myanmar Embassy from ALFS President Madame Haruko Komura.
The ceremony was held at the Embassy of Singapore in Tokyo to distribute the proceeds from the sale to the member embassies, where 19 embassies attended to receive profit-sharing cheques.
The 2024 ALFS Charity Bazaar of the Asia-Pacific Ladies Friendship Society (ALFS), comprising 26 embassies of Asia-Pacific countries based in Tokyo, was held on 26 March at the Meiji Kinenkan in Tokyo, with participation from 19 embassies, including the Myanmar Embassy, as well as business companies and associations from Japan.
The Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo transfers the proportional profits received from the ALFS Charity Bazaar each year to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support donations to social security organizations and Monastic Education Schools in Myanmar, thereby strengthening their educational development activities. — ASH/TH

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