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Myanmar breakfast delicacy of boiled pea costs rising

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The picture shows a vendor’s basket of boiled peas.

The price of peas is soaring to K200,000-300,000 per bag so the price of boiled peas, Myanmar’s common breakfast food, is still rising (K600 per 10 ticals), Daw Mar Mar Win from Tamway Township, told the Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM).
The prices moved in the range between K215,000-350,000 per bag depending on the different varieties and qualities on 7 December 2022, as per the price data of Mandalay Commodity Centre.
The prices jumped from K190,000-260,000 per bag on 30 March 2022. The pea prices were on a gradual rise and hit a new peak of K240,000-380,000 per bag on 29 September 2022.
The prices of peas stood at K4,750-5,170 per viss on 5 May 2022 and climbed to K6,665-7,500 per viss on 22 September. Meanwhile, the price of popular chickpeas also increased from K3,000-3,100 to K4,400-4,700 per viss. On 8 December, the prices slid to K6,500-6,670 per viss of peas and K3,900-4,100 per viss of chickpea.
This year, the pea price was surprisingly higher than the chickpea price. Before the 2020s, the chickpea was valued at K2,500-2,600 per viss while the pea fetched only K850-2,335 per viss in 2016. Thereafter, the prices went on a bumpy ride. In 2022, pea prices surpassed the price of chickpeas.
The accelerating prices of common breakfast food (boiled peas and steamed sticky rice) this year make the consumers bear the burden of inflation pressure.
Consumers cannot purchase chickpeas instead owing to the high price of peas yet peas can be used as an ingredient substitute for chickpeas in some recipes.
The price of boiled peas for an individual is at least K300 this year. The breakfast (Naan with peas) was priced at K500 in the previous years. This year, it increased to K800, Ko Kyaw Tun elaborated on the high price of food to the GNLM.
Pulses are called “poor man’s meat” as they are rich in nutrients but it does not cost as much as meat.
Green peas are a good source of vitamins and other minerals. People have better eat peas every day on account of health benefits, according to the USDA’s national research and WHFoods network.
Nonetheless, purine-rich food such as peas brings side effects to patients with kidney disease and gout. – TWA/EMM

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