Myanmar citizens begin advance voting in Czech Republic, Australia

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Myanmar nationals line up outside the Myanmar Embassy in Singapore on 12 October 2020 to cast advance votes . Photo : MNA

Advance voting started at the Myanmar Embassy in Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic with 30 Myanmar citizens, and at a polling station in Melbourne city of Victoria State with 158 voters who were not possible to cast their votes at the Myanmar mission in Canberra city of Australia yesterday. Voters who cast their advance votes at the respective 10 Myanmar embassies, 1 permanent mission and 2 consulates in foreign countries were 1,890 at Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok, 27 at the embassy in Canberra, 9 at the embassy in Kuwait, 120 at the embassy in Seoul, 1,638 at the embassy in Singapore, 59 at the embassy in Tokyo, 161 in Kuala Lumpur, and 1 at the consulate in Kunming city, as well as at the embassy in Berlin, at the embassy in London, at the embassy in Ottawa, at the permanent mission in New York and at the consulate in Los Angeles during the voting hours of local times.
The respective Myanmar missions abroad reported on 11 October that 43 voters Brussel, 28 in Berlin, 227 in London, 22 in Ottawa, 4 in Vienna, 57 in Washington, 155 in New York, 123 in Los Angeles, 79 in Fort Wayne city of Indiana State, and 35 in Moscow, totalling 773 citizens, cast their votes in line with the healthcare guidelines of COVID-19 preventive measures. Therefore, there were a total of 4,093 advance voters on 12 October, and 773 on 11 October.—MNA (Translated by Aung Khin)

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