Myanmar: close to lowest electricity production in Asia

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Lawpita Hydroelectric Power Plant located in Kayah State. It is operated by Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise. Photo: GNLM/Phoe Khwar

AN official of General Electric (GE) said that Myanmar has one of the lowest electricity generations among the Asian countries, according to a report in Myawady newspaper yesterday.
According to the data of 2016, Myanmar electricity productivity was around 5,000 MW per year and it was less in productivity than the other Asian countries, according to Mr.Kazunari Fukui, an official from General Electric Company.
The current annual electricity productivity rate in Asian countries are 43,000 MW in Thailand, 32,000MW in Vietnam, 21,000MW in Philippines, 33,000MW in Malaysia, 13,000 MW in Singapore and 58,000 MW in Indonesia.
“Myanmar has many energy resources to generate the electricity such as hydroelectric energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, natural gas and other resources. Current annual electricity generation in Myanmar was 4,994 MW, therefore, Myanmar should consider to increase its electricity generation in the coming year” said Mr.Kazunari Fukui.
The World Bank said that electricity generation in Myanmar was 5,000MW now, but, electricity consumption in Myanmar is expected to reach 25,000MW by 2030.—200

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