Myanmar delegation attends 22nd SOMTC and its related meetings

Brief News for 21 July NS

The 22nd ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Transnational Crime-( 22nd SOMTC) of the ASEAN Political Security Community (APSC) was held by Cambodia as a host, through videoconferencing on 21 July.
The related meetings with Canada, China, Japan, Korea, India and the European Union, which are partner countries of ASEAN, and the related meetings with the US, New Zealand and Australia were held through videoconferencing at 9 am on 20 and 21 July respectively.
A delegation team led by Police Major-General Aung Aung, the Leader of SOMTC (Myanmar) and the Deputy Chief of the Myanmar Police Force attended the meeting online at the meeting hall of the Headquarters of the Myanmar Police Force. Secretaries from 10 ASEAN countries and partner countries, director-general level delegation teams and the Director of the ASEAN Political Security Community from the office of the Secretary General of the ASEAN, also attended the conference.
They discussed the programmes that were accomplished, in progress and suspended, which are related to violence in the field of combating transnational crime, financial support in violence, money laundering, cybercrimes, human trafficking and smuggling, wildlife crime prevention and control.
The meeting between SOMTC and China was held on the morning of 20 July and was co-chaired by Police Major-General Aung Aung, the Deputy Chief of the Myanmar Police Force, and Director-General Mr Hu Binchen of the Department of International Cooperation in the Ministry of Public Security. During the meeting, they considered putting the proper programmes into the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in the Field of Non-traditional Security Issues (2017-2023) and the Joint Action Plan (2019-2023).
The Myanmar delegation conferred with attendees to help arrest and extradite the fugitives of Myanmar, who have entered the neighbouring countries illegally and committed various crimes with smugglers, by establishing the Database for regional fugitives and sharing the real-time information of fugitives.
Afterwards, a representative of Myanmar implied that one of the organizations which have requested information from Myanmar to put in the Trafficking in Persons Report 2022 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, United States, was declared as an illegal organization and a terrorist group, thus it was not the right way to collect information.
During the three-day meeting of the 22nd SOMTC and its related meetings, they confirmed to implement the unexpired business plans and the upcoming plans as per the variable crime pattern and Myanmar promised to join together under the ASEAN policy. — MNA

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