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Myanmar delegation visits AgraMe, AquaMe at Dubai Expo

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Myanmar delegation looks around the AgraMe AquaMe exhibition in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates.

a Myanmar delegation led by Union minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation U Tin Htut Oo who was in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to attend the ASEAN Summit on Sustainable Oceans visited exhibitions at the Dubai Expo and the Agra Me Aqua Me exhibition on agriculture for food security in the Middle East and Africa, hosted by the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment on 9 December.
They met businesspersons, gallery curators and technicians and discussed opportunities for cooperation with Myanmar’s current agricultural and fisheries technologies.
The AgraMe, AquaMe showcased agricultural products and aims to ensure sustainable food security for countries in the region.
The Union minister and party observed water quality monitoring and control equipment on display at Aqua Bio Technology Gallery, advanced technology ploughs on display at MA / RA SAG (Italy) APISA Bio-Tech, industrial technologies for drying agricultural products, advanced technology for drying and picking animal feed plants on display at Agri Green Gallery, Due Agri Srl Gallery showcasing the design of cattle sheds and complete production of livestock facilities, Advanced Aquaculture in Climate Change at M Aqua Moaf Gallery and caged fish farming techniques in the sea and river dams demonstrated by AKVA Group.
They also discussed the Saudi Government’s National Fisheries Development Plan and its efforts to increase youth participation and entrepreneurship in the fisheries sector.
Similarly, the Union minister and party visited Dubai wholesale market which sells fruits, vegetables and spices.
On their visit, they looked around safe, fresh and high-quality food products for consumers and the types of fish sold at fish markets. The Union minister met with relevant business people to discuss the possibility of exporting more fish and other agricultural products from Myanmar.
In 2020-2021, Myanmar supplied more than US$76 million worth of fish and shellfish to six GCC member countries in the Middle East. Over 50,000 tons of shrimp and fishery products were exported.
Myanmar is the largest exporter to Saudi Arabia and the UAE with a total value of 36,000 tonnes, valued at US$36 million. — MNA

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