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Myanmar delegations attend 42nd AMAF, 20th AMAF Plus 3, and 6th ARMMAF Meetings

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The 42nd Meeting of the ASEAN Ministers on Agriculture and Forestry (AMAF) was held online on 23 August, while the 20th AMAF plus Three (AMAF+3) Meeting, and the 6th ASEAN-Russia Ministerial Meeting in Agriculture and Forestry (ARMMAF) yesterday.
The ASEAN delegations joined the meeting together with the Myanmar delegations, including the Director-General U Kyaw Swe Linn of Planning Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation and other officials of Department of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Land Management and Statistics, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Cooperatives and Rural Development.
During the 42nd AMAF meeting, the leaders presented the instructions that emerged from the 37th ASEAN Summit and 27th ASEAN Economic Ministers’ Meeting and discussed the guidelines and frameworks for food security, agriculture and forestry to be approved in 2021, proposals to finalize the draft in 2022, outcomes of the working committee meeting, cooperation work and future work plans of ASEAN to be implemented with partner countries and other organizations. They finally designated the date and place for the coming meeting to be held in 2022.
Moreover, the 20th AMAF plus Three (AMAF+3) Meeting discussed the outcomes of the 23rd ASEAN+3 Summit and 23rd ASEAN+3 Economic Ministers’ Meeting, projects implemented under ASEAN Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve of China, Japan and Korea and ASEAN Food Security Information System.
The 6th ASEAN-Russia Ministerial Meeting in Agriculture and Forestry (ARMMAF) focused on the results of the 37th ASEAN Summit and 9th ASEAN Economic Ministers and Russia Consultation, completed projects, ongoing operations and future work plans under ASEAN-Russia Cooperation on Agriculture and Food Security. — MNA

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