ME in Malaysia warns of passport renewal and application scams

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Disinformation about passports found on the social media.

The Myanmar Embassy in Malaysia stated that there have been scammers on Facebook and TikTok for passport renewals, new applications, and Certificate of Identity (C of I) applications. It warned them that they would be punished.
In line with the instructions, the embassy provides complete service in one day to the people who have made appointments for passports and C of I at
Taking advantage of the ignorance of some Myanmar nationals, fraudsters on Facebook and TikTok have been spreading false news and disinformation texts/speeches, the embassy announced with the description of some photos. The Myanmar Embassy has no relations with these scammers, and action will be taken against them in accordance with the laws, it stated.

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Disinformation about passports found on the social media.

The notifications for Myanmar nationals on consular services, the list of approved new passport applicants and C of I matters are posted on the Facebook page “Myanmar Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia” and the website at
As the Malaysian Government has intensified the Operasi to arrest undocumented migrants across Malaysia, Myanmar nationals are advised to be cautious when travelling these days and to carry their passports and necessary documents with them wherever they go to show them in case they encounter the operation, the embassy said.
Myanmar nationals in Malaysia can text the embassy’s WhatsApp number +60 1125105774 for consular service matters, it informed. — MT/ZN/ED

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