Myanmar establishes 985,962 acres of forest reserves, protected public forests in one year

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Myanmar has targeted to establish 30 per cent of the country’s total area with forest reserve and 10 per cent of natural environmental protected areas as a pledge of Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions according to the 30-year Forest Master Plan and Paris Climate Change Conference held in 2015.
The country set 404,158 acres of forest reserves and 581,804 acres of protected public forests between 1-2-2021 and 1-2-2022, and it has 25.79 per cent of the country’s total area with 43,111,705 acres of forest reserves while the protected land area is established up to 6.43 per cent of the country’s total area with 10,750,625 acres so far.
For such doings, it can reduce the climate changes, protect the biodiversity and endangered wildlife animals, plants and their habitats, make better ecosystem and enhance environmental services, conserve the waterway outlets and watershed areas, prevent the natural disasters, preserve the natural resources and ensure sustainable development of forest resources. — Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation

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