Myanmar Ethnics Culture Fest aids cultural appreciation

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  • The Myanmar Ethnics Culture Fest, a hybrid cultural expo and tourism promotion event, is drawing large crowds at the Kyaikkasan Sports Ground in Yangon. The six-day cultural fest is being held from 25 to 30 January.
    The festival, organized mainly with the support of the Myanmar Ethnic Entrepreneurs Association (MEEA), showcases the unique customs and traditions of Myanmar’s 135 ethnic races before a local and foreign audience.
    It exposes not only the culture of our ethnic races to the world, but also their cordial relations with each other and unity. The uniqueness of the 135 ethnic races generates both tangible and intangible tourist attractions, which serve as resources for promoting tourism. The cultural fest does a wonderful job of bringing these resources to light.
    Countries around the globe have been simultaneously showcasing and preserving their own unique traditions and culture for the world to see. Such endeavors create genuine affection and positive nationalism in the hearts and minds of a nation’s people. They further strengthen the unity between ethnic races and increase the interest of foreign visitors.
    We believe the cultural fest will bring in much needed support for the development, unity, and peace of our ethnic citizens.
    Achieving long-lasting peace for our ethnic regions, which are richly endowed with natural beauty, is a top priority. There must first be peace in the regions so tourism can develop.
    Ethnic solidarity is truly important in Myanmar, which is home to over a hundred different ethnic races. Only then can we establish a peaceful and developing Union and share the fruits of our labor equally.
    This is why we heartily welcome the Myanmar Ethnics Culture Fest and believe the coming years will see similar festivals conducted throughout the states and regions.
    We urge the authorities and everyone responsible to continue holding such cultural fests, no matter what challenges arise, as this is one of the ways to realize the goals of national development and peace, and to uplift the 135 ethnic races living together in Myanmar.
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