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Myanmar exports 2,711.80 tonnes of marine products to Bangladesh as of June


Myanmar exported 2,711.80 tonnes of marine products to Bangladesh in June, according to the figures of the Ministry of Commerce.
The country earned US$3.378 million from exporting 2,711.80 tonnes of fishery products to Bangladesh as of 11 June in the 2021-2022FY.
Rakhine State also achieves a proper freshwataer export market in Bangladesh and the state government and Fisheries Department provide techniques and capital for the freshwater fish farming sector. There are about 500 freshwater fish farms in Rakhine State. The officials arrange to adapt a mangrove-friendly farming system and implement a two-year project for 1,000 acres.
Moreover, a new fish hatchery is constructed in Minbya township spending the state budget. The hatching operation will be started in the coming season. Arrangements are also being made to develop a farming zone near the hatchery.
The department will focus on a mangrove-friendly farming system for crab/prawn farming.
The Maungtaw and Sittway border camps of Rakhine State export rohu, snapper, black pomfret, ilish, lobster, various dried fish, saltwater fish/prawn, mud crab, soft-shell crab and clams. — TWA/GNLM

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