Myanmar Farmers’ Development Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Myanmar Farmers’ Development Party Chairman U Kyaw Swar Soe presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 21 September.

Esteemed people
I am the Chairman U Kyaw Swar Soe of the Myanmar Farmers’ Development Party. I am happy for the opportunity to talk with the public directly through radio and television.
I want to emphasize the lives of people in rural and urban areas as we talk about the nation’s econo-my. Out of the 50 million people in our country, 70% live in rural areas and 50% out of that work in agriculture. Income development has been sluggish for generations, yet commodity prices are rising at a rate no one can argue with.
The lives of people in rural areas are affected by the slow development of the national economy. They are forced to find employment in neighbouring countries resulting in young people giving their youths for other countries while living rough lives. The main reason is the lack of jobs in rural areas, where there are more farmhands than farmers.
That is why our party’s policy is to help people without farmlands to rear livestock instead of farm-ing. Comparing the rate of cultivating an acre of farmland and breeding a pig, the person rearing a pig can calculate their profit in 3 to 4 months. Rural people know best that the farmer has to worry about whether his crop will be useful, sell or be in debt.
We urge rural people to pair farming with livestock breeding instead of one alone. Our party pledges to support them for rearing livestock and urban people need to give their support too. Please don’t view this as irrelevant. Effects in agriculture and livestock in rural areas will affect the price of meat, fish and vegetables in urban areas directly.
If we look at Myanmar’s education sector, there are an unfortunately high number of children and youths who are illiterate. A third of the nation is weak in education, and it will be hard to become a modern and developed industrial nation if that continues to be true. That is why we need to establish bigger agriculture, livestock and education sectors instead of just factories and workshops.
Myanmar Farmers’ Development Party doesn’t have any pure politicians but was formed to support farmers. You earn what you work hard for so we wish to send representatives for farmers and the working class to have their voice heard in the Hluttaw.
The Hluttaw has lawfully placed seats. The seats are available for those who wish to discuss politics or defence but also legal affairs, judicial matters, labour matters, education and healthcare and there are seats for farmers as well. Thus, we urge farmers to support their representatives as they bravely take their seat in the Hluttaw.
We want to tell the farmer representatives that they don’t need to be skilled in politics; they need to discuss the issues of their townships, regions and people bravely in the Hluttaw. You don’t need to be afraid of other people and be receptive of your constituents.
The State represents all people, and the government is tasked with protecting the people by the people. We request the people to have compassion for those charged with your life and not be afraid. We are not in actual politics yet. The people are still labouring under the hot sun and tired physically and mentally, with no change yet. Real politicians should be able to change the lives of citizens for the better.
Working-class people in townships and rural areas face financial hardships when they get sick and have to seek medical treatment. There is no denying the weight of worrying about expenses is higher than the effect of their illnesses. That is why we wish to establish a collective medical treatment system for working-class people where a person can put in a certain amount each month and never worry about the medical costs for their loved ones. I apologize for not having enough time to explain things. We will strive for health security for all people.
In conclusion, the Myanmar Farmers’ Development Party urges the working-class to persevere and climb up on the rope to freedom out of poverty and into the Hluttaw and the government to make significant changes.

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