Myanmar Farmer’s Development Party presents policy, stance and work program

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U Kyaw Swa Soe, Chairman of Myanmar Farmer’s Development Party.

Chairman U Kyaw Swa Soe of Myanmar Farmer’s Development Party presented the party’s policy, stance and work program on radio and television on 13 September.
Following is a translation of the presentation:
Respected and esteemed people,
I am Chairman U Kyaw Swa Soe of the Myanmar Farmer’s Development Party.
I will compete on behalf of the Myanmar Farmer’s Development Party in the polls for Oktwin Township, Bago Region, in the coming by-election.
A total of 70 percent of population are farmers in our country. All the peasants and farmers constitute a majority, but they are mostly poor. Our motherland is an agricultural country. Since many centuries back, Bamar cultivators have been poor, and all other national races, such as Kachin, Shan, Mon, Kayah and Rakhine are also underprivileged.
As they are poor, they are marginalized. Due to lack of and weak in literary knowledge, they are being undermined. Despite the fact that they are being neglected, these people have been toiling in the muddy fields cultivating edible crops for the whole country to consume. A time has come to recognize and appreciate their identity by the entire people in the country.

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They are constantly cultivating crops such as paddy, beans, corn and sesame. However, they sometimes encounter heavy losses due to misfortunes, such as that of irregular weather, lack of foreign crop market, heavy flooding, not having a single drop of rain but drought. No matter how hard and difficult, they endured and worked hard in the cultivation to feed the country. Indeed, they are amazing and wonderful people.
Some of the educated persons in the country with medical or engineering degrees never engage themselves in the health or construction sector, but divert their careers by turning into shop owners at the popular Mingalar market, working as estate brokers, car dealers and some migrated to other countries and work there just for their benefit and advantage.
The poor peasants and farmers know the situation very well as they are not naïve and inexperienced. They love their country very much, and therefore, they toiled as cultivators their whole life as they valued the livelihood, whether they are at a loss or in heavy debt. As they work very hard in the cultivation of crops and animal breeding, we need to appreciate their humanity and acknowledge the existence of farmers.
Our Myanmar Farmer’s Development Party is a poor party. The majority of the people are poor. There is no reason that they deserve to be poor. It was due to the negligence of successive governments that farmers have fallen into poverty. Workers are over burdened with debts, while working. Our people are not just sleeping without engaging in jobs. They became broke, while working. Believe me. Myanmar people are neither lazy nor sluggish.
This is a time the nation should take care of the farmers. If the government failed to care for the farmers, we may even have to import flowers from abroad to offer Buddha statues. We must assist farmers to get more income not only from cultivation, but also from animal breeding.
With a view to submit and hear about the genuine life and ground reality of farmers and their difficulties and crisis inside the parliament, we need to select and vote for farmers representatives as lawmakers.
Politics means scientific application and pragmatic approach. Therefore, the subject, “Political Science”, has emerged in the educational sphere. The representatives of farmers must never be disheartened. Politics is really practical, and all the words and suggestions of the generals, physicians, engineers, scholars, workers, farmers, artists, and basic workers are taken and mixed together to find necessary solutions, and it is called political science. One must believe that it is really practical and get answers and solutions out of it.
Therefore, it is necessary to believe that the peasants and farmers of the country are the main force of the country.
I would like to request the esteemed people to think of the past, that at the grass roots level of villages and wards, we were all together in all sorts of tasks, such as seeking donations and going on pilgrimage trips. Now, even the same villagers from the same village are wearing different badges and having varied attitudes. When badges are different, the mentality and attitudes become different. People are voting with a blind eye so that their own side would win, resulting in the loss of justice and righteousness. It is not important to look at badges and logos and symbols, but to choose who would really work and take care of the interests of the ward, village and township, and we should vote such a representative.
We need to equip ourselves in the nation to have the culture of responsibility and accountability. It is very much vital and important for the ruling class as well as the people. Ruling organizations must have discipline and regulations.
Candidly speaking, our country is full of unruly and undisciplined persons. We can witness such acts that of littering anywhere, that of spitting of betel quid and nuts, using abusive language on Facebook accessed through the mobile device, reckless driving of cars on all roads.
If we look into the matter, we can assess and evaluate two versions.
(1) Are such people hindering the development of the country?
(2) Is the lagging-behind situation of the country producing such people?
If the country does not develop due to these people, then the duty and responsibility are on the people. If the lagging-behind situation of the country produces such people, then the duty and responsibility are on the successive governments.
I firmly believe that it is the duty and responsibility of successive governments. It is because the people have no power to control and manage the governments. The government has been formed and constituted to manage and guide the people. Therefore, we are in need of lawmakers in the parliament to guide the people, to make the people happy, to train the people for discipline, and to elevate the pride of the country.
They are the managers and caretakers of the country. They are not slaves. If some persons wanted themselves to be termed as slaves and act like slaves, then it is not the place for them, and that I wanted to make this clear.
It is a time when there is a huge and massive particular class in the country that may only understand the situation when they are told directly, in a blunt and candid way.
When I was on a trip on a polling campaign, I delivered an address from the stage telling the farmers to work very hard if they wanted to be free from the cycle of poverty. The attending farmers and peasants remained in total silent without a move.
Then I changed my words by saying that if our farmers’ party wins in the general election, then the peasants and farmers do not need to toil hard as foreign assistance is coming to make them rich without much sweat. They applauded me with great enthusiasm.
If we look into this occurrence, we may have noticed that our country has enormous number of citizens that wanted to be rich by doing nothing, and on the other hand the power seekers with a lot of empty promises. This scenario could result in chaos and havoc. What I would like to suggest the esteemed people is that to choose the right persons with good management to govern us. Never do this lightly. Think seriously.
Prepare yourself as knowledgeable persons and be responsible. If one has no wisdom, then one may choose a worthless person. If one is wise, then he or she might select a good representative. It is to remember that one may get what one actually deserves.
People in our nation have taken interest in politics. They take interest in politics because they are worried over food, clothing and shelter. It may not be wrong to say that people are born in this world to exist in peace and tranquillity with adequate food, clothing and shelter, and pass the time. The main theme is sufficient food, clothing and shelter. The candidates that you are going to vote as lawmakers have the responsibility to undertake the task for adequate food, clothing and shelter, in a peaceful environment.
No matter whatever candidate that you have voted from any party, remember that you need to choose a person who has wisdom and work for the development of the town, locality and region. If you voted with incorrect perception over an individualized party and person, then things might go wrong and the whole township would suffer.
Our main objective and policy in the forefront of Myanmar Farmer’s Development Party is to serve the people and make them comfortable in their daily needs of food, clothing and shelter. As the second priority, we have decided to make the country prosper through discipline. A nation, prevailing in peace and tranquillity, is very much vital. In the absence of peace, the people would be in distress and misery.
As always, I asked my representatives of our party and the persons in the leadership role to give utmost priority on the matters of the people rather than the party. At all times, I remind them that if we pay priority to the people’s needs, then the people will surely rely and depend with full trust to the party.
On all occasions, I asked the leaders of the party to abide by the following:
• Never to favour the sister-in-law or co-sister-in-law than one’s own wife.
• You got the sister-in-law or co-sister-in-law because you have a wife.
• When there are people, the party comes to existence.
• Never to favor the party but the people.
• If you favor the sister-in-law or co-sister-in-law, then you are sure to be blamed and cursed.
• If you favor the party more than the people, then you are done.
With these words, I conclude my presentation.

Translated by UMT (HK)

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