Myanmar film experts to attend Fly Post-Production Workshop

Myanmar film professionals will attend the Fly Post-Production Workshop, which will be jointly organized by South Korea’s Busan Film Commission and the Asian Film Commission (AFCNet), according to U Chan Thar Kyi Soe, information officer of the international relations committee of the Myanmar Motion Picture Organization.
The workshop to be held in Viet Nam from 11 to 14 November is part of the Fly Project 2023 jointly organized by the Busan Film Commission of South Korea and the Asian Film Commission (AFCNet).
“Myanmar has been invited for the post-production workshop. It’s done by Fly. Fly is an organization from the Busan Film Commission, which is an organization that spends money on the new generation of young filmmakers and creators in Asia. They also ask children from ASEAN countries to make short stories. And they are now doing Post-Production Workshops.
“In this programme, two people from Myanmar will have the opportunity to attend. For those who are allowed to attend, all expenses will be covered by the Busan Film Committee. It will be done in Viet Nam. The workshops will last four days. The Myanmar Motion Picture Organization has already selected two people to attend the ten-day event as they were invited to participate in a programme organized by Fly last month. The Myanmar Motion Picture Organization always has international information about films and film festivals.
“I would like all to visit the Myanmar Motion Picture Organization’s page often because we are always connecting with international film-related opportunities,” U Chan Thar Kyi Soe said.
Those who wish to attend the Fly Post-Production Workshop must be a director or producer or the one with experience in post-production and must have produced at least one film. People who have experience in creating and producing films and television series can also join the event by submitting evidence.
Those with experience in Busan Asian Film School AFIS or Busan Asian Film Academy BAFA will be given priority, and the Busan Film Commission will cover the cost of travel and living expenses for the two selected candidates. — ASH/KZL

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