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Myanmar Fisheries Federation urges expansion of farming enterprises in Sagaing Region


THE Myanmar Fisheries Federation (MFF) has urged the expansion of fish farming enterprises in Sagaing Region as numbers of fish have dwindled in the wake of natural disasters last year.
“There must be a move away from conventional methods of fish breeding to a modern system. Modern fish breeding techniques allow for a larger quantity and a better quality of fish, leading to greater profits. We will provide financial assistance from our side,” explained U Win Kyaing, the general secretary of the MFF.
A combination of factors, including deforestation, extreme weather and gold panning and mining activities, play their part in causing rivers, streams and ponds to silt up, resulting in the depletion of fish numbers. Electric and chemical fishing practices are also a part of the problem, as they inadvertently kill off newly born fish,” he said.
“Take a trip to the market and you’ll see lots of farmed fish for sale, but you’d be lucky to spot any river-caught fish. River-caught fish are a much-favoured type of fish,” said a fish farmer from Monywa.
The MFF boasts over 600 lifelong members in Sagaing Region.
A total of 25.2 million kilos of fish were farmed on 6,374 acres of fish farms during the 2014-15 fiscal year. In all of 2015, 1,595people were involved in fish farming; 351 practiced leg-rowing fishing; and 12,212 people employed conventional fishing techniques.

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