Myanmar keeps four breeding spots for endangered star tortoises

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Farming of the critically endangered star tortoises has started at the Minsonetaung Sanctuary in Natogyi Township, Mandalay Region since 1999 with 12 star tortoises. The population increased by over 3,500 in 2017. The Forest Department was able to protect the endangered species from extinction, according to the Minsonetaung warden’s office.
After trial breeding, about 750 tortoises were set free into the forest between 2013 and 2017. In 2030, 100,000 tortoises are expected to be released. Minsonetaung Sanctuary will have 4,000 tortoises released.
There are four breeding spots of the star tortoise in Myanmar – Minsonetaung Sanctuary (Natogyi), Shwesettaw Sanctuary (Minbu), Lawkananda Sanctuary (NyaungU) and Yadanabon Zoological Gardens (Mandalay). Tortoise farming commenced in 2000. — Htay Myint Aung/GNLM

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