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Myanmar maritime trade surges by $1.3 mln as of 17 June

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One container vessel is pictured loading and unloading cargoes at Yangon Port.

The value of Myanmar’s maritime trade between 1 April and 17 June in the current financial year 2022-2023 soared to US$5.38 billion, reflecting a sharp rise of $1.3 billion, according to the Ministry of Commerce.
Sea trade rose from $4.07 billion during the year-ago period, according to the Ministry of Commerce.
While maritime exports were valued at $2.239 billion, imports were registered at $3.142 billion. Both exports and imports have risen as against the year-ago period.
Myanmar’s sea trade generated $19.8 billion out of an overall trade value of $29.5 billion in the previous FY2020-2021, the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics indicated.
Terminals in Yangon Port received over 250 cargo ships in the past five months (Jan-May), according to Myanma Port Authority.
The turnaround time at the Port was designated as approximately three days, under the guidance of the Myanma Port Authority and the cooperation of the ocean liners, exporters and importers. Therefore, the arrival of the ships has increased.
Myanma Port Authorities and Yangon inner terminals are providing services to ensure the fast and reliable cargo handling and withdrawal of the containers for trade flow to return to normality.
Earlier, the larger ships have draft problems preventing their sailing on the Yangon River. The draft extension is up to 10 meters with the new navigation channel accessing to inner Yangon River.
Myanmar exports agricultural products, fishery products, minerals, livestock, forest products, finished industrial goods, and other products, while it imports capital goods, consumer goods, and raw industrial materials. — KK/GNLM

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