Myanmar nationals in Thailand allowed to easily renew residence permits via one-stop service

The Myanmar Embassy to Thailand announced that Myanmar nationals who have arrived in Thailand will have the opportunity to re-enter Myawady and Kawthoung and extend their residence permits through the One-Stop Service.
Reportedly, individuals who arrived in Thailand under the MoU programme before the COVID-19 period have renewed their passports at the Myanmar embassy (Bangkok) and Consulate-General (Chiang Mai) after the pandemic’s conclusion, and they are continuing to reside and work in Thailand.
Those whose residence permits have expired in Thailand, but still possess passports with a validity of two years or more, will no longer be required to Yangon for re-entry and employment in Thailand through the MoU/U-Turn System.
They can now utilize the One-Stop Service system by returning to Myawady and Kawthoung. The streamlined process for re-entering various workplaces in Thailand within a short period is set to be implemented. As a result, HR managers and officials within these workplaces have been advised to stay informed and notify relevant parties accordingly.
The opening date and process details will be announced in a statement from the Myanmar embassy to Thailand. — TWA/KZW

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