Myanmar (Nay Pyi Taw)- China (Lancang) Trade Fair gets crowded on third day

The third day of Myanmar (Nay Pyi Taw)-China (Lancang) Trade Fair held at the Myanmar International Convention Centre-II in Nay Pyi Taw was packed with business people, departmental staff and people yesterday.
At the event, various jewellery items, house decoration furniture, bags, Rakhine traditional wears of Nay Pyi Taw Pon Yeik Thit Wood Laster Engraving, Cutting and Souvenir Shop, garments of Moe Thiri Garment & Distribution and various furniture were exhibited.
The souvenir, products, cosmetics and foodstuffs shops of the Kokang Ethnic Entrepreneurs Association were also crowded with visitors.
Moreover, the booths of the Myanmar side also showcased Wah Lah instant noodles, Happy Coffee, KFC fried chicken and drinks, other snacks made of marine products and local foodstuffs and products of regions and states and cosmetics of Mistine Myanmar.
The Mandalay Region government also sold land plots at special prices and the Myanmar New Power Motorcycle Co Ltd sold various types of motorcycles.
Ma May Zaw Khine, an official of Danu Mel Coffee and Food Industry from Ywangan of Shan State (South) said, “I exhibit the products of Ywangan of southern Shan State at the event. The main products of the Ywangan area are coffee, macadamia, sweet granadilla, green tea and chia seeds. Now, the Ywangan products are exported to the US, Japan and European countries. We also try to make large volumes of export as our coffee is a high-quality product. The main intention of exhibiting at the event is that we want to export to China. In the past, our coffee was not exported to China. Now, we receive an offer to export quality coffee from Ywangan to China. The main products that we want to export to China are coffee, macadamia, sweet granadilla, green tea and chia seeds.
“We grow the Danu Mel coffee and also buy from coffee farmers. It aims to make income for coffee farmers and expand the quality coffee market. I want the people to consume local products including products of Ywangan in addition to quality coffee at fairer prices,” she elaborated.
The Chinese booths showcased electronic materials, washing machines, soft drinks, traditional alcohol, LED bulbs and lights, solar-related materials, inverters, batteries, EV chargers and other items. Moreover, Henan Feibo Vehicle Industry Co Ltd introduced about K12 million worth of Boma-X9 EVs and K6.5 million worth of Boma-X5 EVs at the event. The Myanmar (Nay Pyi Taw)-China (Lancang) Trade Fair will be organized from 25 to 28 May. Myanmar merchants can visit the event and discuss or exchange experiences with suitable companies. – Aye Aye Thant/KTZH

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