Myanmar People’s Democratic Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Myanmar People’s Democratic Party Chairman U Htay Kyaw presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 1 October.

Esteemed people in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
I am U Htay Kyaw, Chairman of the Myanmar People’s Democratic Party. I want to present the party’s policies.
The name of the party has reflected people’s desire and stance. People in Myanmar means over 100 ethnic people of the Union such as Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Bamar, Mon, Rakhine, Shan and other national races.
The reason for the establishment of the party is to fulfil the desires and expectations of people with the participation of political forces, business groups, societies, defence and security forces to build the country. Our party is to enhance the safety of people and socio-economic development, which cannot be done by a single organization after analyzing and taking lessons from advantages, disadvantages and requirements, and performances of the government, the Hluttaw and the legislative sectors after the 2010 and 2015 general elections. Our party also aims at implementing the welfare of Myanmar people accordingly to the requirements of existing situations of the country, which has transformed from the previous administration to another.
Based on the people, our party has a legal personality as it was formed on 18 May 2017 with political party registration number 102.
Headquarters of the party is located at No.3 in Bago Lann Ward, Htauk Kyant, of Mingalardon Township in Yangon.
The goals of the party are to oppose dictatorship that is against people’s desire and to establish a public administration by multiparty democracy system. Our party is also to ensure representations of people in the general management sector, the participation of people and their rights for their decisions, which play a crucial role for the establishment of a Democratic Federal Union based on the democracy and national unity. Our party also aims to work for the country in line with the national policy of Non-disintegration of the Union, Non-disintegration of national solidarity and Perpetuation of sovereignty.
The objective of the party is that sovereignty belongs to the people and is not under the control of individuals or organization. Therefore, our party will perform any duty together with people for ensuring the sovereignty governed by the people.
The basic principle of the party is to oppose various forms of dictators/ dictatorships which can damage the interest and lives of people. The party will also establish a genuine democracy for a healthy and lasting public administration system by developing public interest policies and a democratic political system as a rule-based organization while opposing dictatorship.
The brief policy of our party is a policy based on public interest or public policy. The existence of the country and its people is mutually related. Therefore, while people are fundamental to the country, the country is essential for the people. It is required to prioritize the basic economy for the people to foster the lives of people without just focusing on national building and development by turning a blind eye to the public interest and without centralizing the people. If people could enjoy good socio-economic fundamentals and the benefits, the country will indeed develop.
As people are suffering from the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on economic, social, education, health and other sectors, the government need to prioritize in solving their problems.
The stance of the party never deviates from the three main principles.
Myanmar is a Union comprised of over 100 national races with their own culture, traditions, faiths, literature and religions, as well as their own national characteristics. Despite diversities, Myanmar national people have been living on the same land and drinking water from the same land for thousands of years in unity. Therefore, these histories, cultures, traditions and social ethics have appeared from the same stem of the Union and have been maintained until now.
Amidst changing modern ideology and concepts, the history of Myanmar, its culture, customs and ethics should not be tarnished. The party will work together with individual or organizations with the same concept and policy while opposing copycatted idea, policies and practices of foreign countries that do not meet the existing situations, norms and practices of the country.
Therefore, the three fundamental principles of the party are:
1. National Interest
2. National Security
3. National Development.
The party will always take efforts to achieve freedom, equality and justice in the country and among the citizens. The party will work hard to preserve Myanmar indigenous culture, race, languages, and religion, and will never betray the national interests.
The party will try to safeguard the following rights of the citizens.
(1) Initial rights of the citizens
(2) Right to recall (to allow removal of undutiful MPs from their positions)
(3) Right to impeachment
(4) Right to a nationwide referendum to enable all the citizens in the country to give their opinions
The party accepts the roles of Tatmadaw, which was born together with independence struggles of Myanmar, in protecting the country, national security and national politics as realities. It recognizes Tatmadaw as the only one legal Tatmadaw of the country. Only if Tatmadaw, all groups, and all institutions effectively cooperate, will the aims and good results be achieved. By cultivating good civil-military relations, encouraging civil-military cooperation and promoting harmony, we will reach the target, and the wishes of the citizens will be fulfilled.
The citizens have many options and choices in the multiparty democratic system. There is no option in the single-party system. And the two-party system is like a seesaw fight. So only the multiparty system gives the citizens opportunities to choose. We want to request all the citizens to use the option effectively. The multiparty system has general elections in which several parties stand for. The citizens can elect the candidates they like. Voting is a duty and the right of a democratic country. So, I would like the citizens to vote in the general elections.
The election system is fundamental to get a fair and robust government.
And we would like to suggest that it is time to replace outdated election system (which ignores political essence, people’s wishes and participation of the citizens) with a modern, fair, genuine and democratic election system.
The policy and the processes that will implement the policy need to be in harmony, and only if candidates do as they said, the benefit of the citizens will be served, and good results will be achieved. If a voter focuses only on the party’s policy, he/she may not see the candidate’s capability. If a voter concentrates solely on the candidate’s qualification, he/she may not know the party’s policy. If a voter focuses only on a person and a single party, he/she will see only that person and that party. But there are enormous human resources and promising candidates in all parties in the multiparty system. So we would like to suggest the voters pay attention to all parties and all candidates.

Esteemed Myanmar citizens
The yellow colour in our party’s flag represents democracy. The red circle means that our party will take brave actions for the race, the religion and national interests. Each of the same-size white stars represents each of the 14 states/regions. The blue colour represents eternal peace. The golden map of Myanmar represents the country and its citizens. The golden star means that our country and our citizens will always exist gracefully and elegantly as long as the world exists.
Esteemed voters in Mayangon and Mingalardon townships, Htauk Kyant town, and Nwe Khway and Yinmabin village-tracts in Yangon Region; Thayet town, and Padaukpin, Innmange, Yaymyak, Bankone, Talapar, Twinle, Pauk-U Kar, Ywarma, Tone, Parput, Pandargon, Pyin Ai, Sintaw, Kyokya, Min Te, Pyin Taung, Htone Taung, Paikthalain, Pya Yay, Yay Paw Kyun, and Yay Phyu villages/village-tracts in Magway Region:
We would like to entrust our candidates in your care. We would like to request you to actively vote for the candidates of our party, which emblem is a golden map of Myanmar, and I will conclude here.
May all Myanmar citizens be free from pandemic diseases. I wish you all excellent health and wealth. Thanks.

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