Myanmar Police Force and Rule of Law

In all towns and villages across the nation, Myanmar Police Forces are being found taking active participation in public-oriented social activities. Not only performing the tasks of prevention and suppression of crimes but also contributing their voluntary labor in social events for the benefit of regional populace can bring about people’s trust and reliance.
In democratic nations, police forces take the responsibility of tranquility and rule of law in their respective regions. In doing so, people’s trust and reliance is of great necessity, so police forces were found to have changed the system of the people’s police force which stands for the public. Myanmar Police Force was founded in 1889 under the colonial rule as Burma Military Police, Burma Civil Police and Rangoon Town Police. In 1942, Burma Police Force was renamed as Myanmar Police Forces, it was learnt. In 1948 when the country gained its Independence, police called “ykvdyf” in Myanmar was renamed as “&J” in Myanmar. In 1964, it was re-founded as People’s Police Force, thence in 1994 renamed as Myanmar Police Force.
Police Force was born under the colonial rule but it was found to have changed its set-up with the changing political systems as public-orientated community policing. In moving on the way for the democratic transmission police forces had some confrontations with the people. As there were criticisms over those confrontations, reforms were made by conducting trainings on controlling mobs. Being service personnel performing duties around the clock, in contact with people regardless of race and religion, Myanmar Police Forces may have some weakness.
Myanmar Police Forces are required to make their concerted efforts to become qualified with capacities and skills in performances of service, organization, administration and enforcement of rule of law.
In a time when criminals and violators of laws are increasing, it is not an easy task for police forces to perform their duties in accord with rules and law. In addition to the tasks of prevention and suppression of crimes, their performances of regional peace and stability, rule of law, prevention and protection of the danger of drugs and participation in public-orientated social events must be acknowledged.
Once in the past, police were despised and criticized with pejorative words as they used to arrive at crime-scenes at belated time. Police routines include crime prevention, search and arrest.
Now that police forces are performing their duties by stand-by watch, sentry and patrol posts around the clock, offences, crimes and criminals can be said to be alleviated. Had people participated in preventing and suppressing crimes hand in hand with police forces, regional peace and tranquility can be achieved for sure.
Accordingly, in such a period of democratic transition Myanmar Police Forces are practically being found to have changed together with the people. We wish our MPF perform the duties of rule of law and regional tranquility more and more in more modernized ways.

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