Myanmar Requires Direct Selling Law

  • Maung Htay Oo (St. John)

Since the time human stepped on their earliest platform of developing social culture, the inventors, producers and distributors have tried to sell their productions by practicing various means such as advertising and luring with showy incentives.
Nowadays, in the world of highly developed political and social system, the sellers try to meet the consumers direct and are enticing the customers to buy their products through explaining, discussing between sellers and customers, sharing knowledge, guaranteeing the customer’s right and giving services in various ways. Thus, the direct selling system has developed in many countries.
A Union Minister said that all the countries in the world except 16 countries including Myanmar have enacted the Direct Selling Law to protect the right of buyers.

What is Direct Selling
Direct Selling is a means in which sellers or producers or inventors themselves make home visit; organize village-wise or ward-wise grouping of people; deal direct to consumers through telephone, internet, news media; make contact through newspaper, journals, fliers to explain about their products and its benefits for the users, and to discuss between sellers and buyers till buyers come to agreement to buy, but with some guarantee by sellers for the user’s right. Such type of selling is called direct selling.

Is Direct Selling In Compliance With The Democratic Norm
All democratic countries are exercising the market economy that dictates the competitive market in service and goods.
Competitive market generally brings about the welfare of the
In market economy everybody or any organization has right to do commerce freely and independently so long as it does not go against the prevailing law and orders.
As the producers and sellers are in keen competition to produce or invent better quality of goods or services at their utmost capacity
and furthermore they usually give some options and guarantee for their products, the consumers or users are having chances to choose their best taste in buying things or
Hence, in this developed world competitive introduction to their new products and competitive service provision has led to direct dealing with the end users ushering in an emergence of Direct Selling System in the market economy.
Therefore, the Direct Selling system can provide the chances for the users to choose freely and at their discretion in buying goods or services, thus creating the benefits of consumer people.
Direct Selling is one of the new product in the system of free and competitive market economy, so it can be said as one of the essence of democracy.
Side Effects
Direct Selling is actually a system that can engender the beneficial result for the users, however if the main player of the system ie. sellers are so greedy and selfish the buyers or consumers has to suffer the adverse effects generated by the system. This is the side effect of the Direct Selling System. In this situation the Law of Direct Selling is sine qua non to protect and safeguard the buyers from being swindled.
By enacting the Direct Selling Law, the consumers will get the following benefits.
1. The Direct Selling Companies, producers or inventors shall be officially registered so as to not be able to avoid the accountability and responsibility of sellers.
2. The sellers shall be absolutely honest and sincere in explaining the benefits and harmful effect of their products.
3. Under the law, the sellers shall be taken action if they commit cheating concerning with the genuine properties of their products and if they don’t tell or keep secret about the possible side effects of the products.
4. The buyers shall have the right to return the product within a specified time limit on condition that the product remains the same as original one. The sellers shall refund the whole amount of money that buyer has paid.
5. On condition that the product of direct seller doesn’t meet the quality that direct seller has expressed in their explanation or in their ads or in discussion meeting, direct seller shall legally require to indemnify the buyer for their grievances and losses.
6. All the products under Direct Selling System shall have the certificate from the Consumer’s Right Protection Association, guaranteeing the clearance of harmful contents in the product.
7. All the direct selling products shall be legally imported materials and tax shall be paid to the State for the direct selling products.
In conclusion, It is suggested to enact the Direct Selling Law as soon as possible so as to be able to protect the consumers from any kind of cheating and fraud and the Direct Selling System to emerge as clean, proper and reliable way of commerce in the market economic system of the country.

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