Myanmar Sat 2 heads for space to support national e-government programme

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The Myanmar Sat 2 satellite conveyed by Intelsat 39 was launched into space from French service provider Arianespace’s Space Port in French Guiana at 2 am yesterday.
The Arianespace orbited two communications satellites in this mission — the Intelsat 39 from Intelsat Satellite Operator and the EDRS-C from European Data Relay System that is a public–private partnership between the European Space Agency (ESA) and Airbus.
Myanmar named the satellite as Myanmar Sat 2 as it contributes US$155.7 million for the joint programme with operator Intelsat. U Soe Thein, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Transport and Communications, said “The launch of Myanmar Sat 2 is aimed to provide 95 per cent of people in the country with better communications, healthcare services and education under the country’s e-government programme.”

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Myanmar Sat 2/Intelsat 39 launched on 7th August from a launch base of the Arianespace satellite launching company in French Guiana, the French territory in South America.  Photo: MNA

With latest technologies, the Myanmar Sat 2 will be able to offer 8 to 10 times faster in communication services than its precursor Myanmar Sat 1.
The Information Technology and Cyber Security Department under the Ministry of Transport and Communications signed MoU with Intelsat Corporation of Luxembourg on 1 June 2018 for building Myanmar Sat 2 satellite .
The Intelsat 39 is the 52nd satellite built by Maxar Technologies based in Colorado, the United States.—MNA
(Translated by Aung Khin)

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