Myanmar species added to new list of birds

Brown Prinia WCS Myanmar copy

International experts have classified the Burmese prinia (prina cooki) as a separate sub-category of the brown prinia and have added it to the list of species endemic to Myanmar.
“These bird species usually inhabit middle Myanmar. But, some of them are found in Shan State. They have not been included in the list of rare bird species,” said U Thet Zaw Naing, an ornithologist with the Wildlife Conservation Society (Myanmar).
After international experts researched the brown prinia bird species, the Burmese prinia (prina cooki) species was classified as a separate type, and has been listed as a Myanmar endemic bird species, which means, it can only be found in Myanmar, according to the WCS. The decision was confirmed on 17 June.
According to the WCS, 46 of the world’s threatened bird species are found in Myanmar. Eight of these species are critically endangered, 12 endangered, and 26 have been classified as vulnerable, it added.—Nyi Tu (Translated by Hay Mar)

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