Myanmar still relies on imported western medicine

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Myanmar’s imported percentage of western medicine products would remain unchanged this year, according to Dr Win Sithu, Chairman of Myanmar Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Entrepreneurs Association (MPMEEA).
Myanmar imported about 85 % of western medicines from its neighbours and other countries in the previous year. Over 50 % of imports come from India that remains a main medicine exporter to Myanmar, followed by Thailand and China, he added.
Approximately 98 % of medical equipment is also imported from big foreign countries such as the United States, European countries and Japan.
Currently, the country’s medicine manufacturing sector is still weak. Foreign countries show their interest to improve this sector, Dr Win Sithu said.
He continued to say that consumption of vitamins and minerals in the country is growing year by year, and local entrepreneurs also have future plans to establish a public company to promote the medicine production.
“To find more business opportunities as well as promote public awareness, the association will organize the second health expo at Tatmadaw convention hall in Yangon from 5 to 7 February,” said Dr Thin Nwe Soe, vice chairman of MPMEEA.
The three-day event also aimed at enabling people to understand state-of-the-art medical technology and exchanging knowledge through a network of medicine importers.
More than 40 pharmaceutical distributors will display their products through over 100 booths, with the organizer expecting more than 5,000 people to come to the fair.
Items to be displayed at the expo are western medicine, hospital and medical equipment and local and foreign health care services. It also covers health talks and entertainment programmes.
The Myanmar Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Entrepreneurs Association said first expo was held in 2013 and it plans to conduct an expo every two year.–GNLM

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