Myanmar students seek learning opportunities in China

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For Myanmar university students with an interest in Chinese language and culture, a growing number of scholarships and exchange programmes are providing opportunities to study in the neighbouring economic power.
There are currently around 100 Myanmar students attending Yunnan Normal University (YNNU) in Kunming, Yunnan Province.
Most are from Chinese language schools in Myanmar and have won scholarships from the university, according to Sai Kham Par, a third-year student of Chinese language and culture from southern Shan State.
International Economy and Trade is reportedly the favourite subject for Myanmar students attending the university.
About 40 of them are enrolled at Yangon University and studying at YNNU under an exchange programme. Additionally, a number of Yangon University faculty members are doing doctorate studies there.
In 2014, more than 2,200 international students attended the university and at present YNNU has 1,705 international students from all over the world, more than any other university in the province.
Nearly 2,500 students learned foreign languages from Southeast Asian countries at the university last year. Thai language is the most popular Southeast Asian language, followed by the Myanmar language.
YNNU is a higher institution co-funded by the Ministry of Education and Yunnan Provincial Government, and also one of the 100 universities funded by the National Key Project for the Quality Enhancement of the Higher Institutions in Central and West China.
In the 77 years since its establishment, YNNU has seen more than 200,000 students graduating and contributing to different fields in China.
For the first time this year, China surpassed Japan to have the highest number of universities listed in the Asia University Rankings compiled by the Times of London.–GNLM

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