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Myanmar tank troop deservedly secures first prize in Tank Biathlon (Tank Crews Competition) Division-2 of International Army Games-2022

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Myanmar troop participates in Tank Biathlon (Tank Crews Competition) Division-2.

Myanmar deservedly won the first prize in the Tank Biathlon (Tank Crews Competition) Division-2 of the International Army Games-2022 organized in the Russian Federation from 15 August.
In the Tank Biathlon (Tank Crews Competition) Division-2, the Myanmar tank troop took the driving record, fired three cartridges of 125 mm cannon and 15 cartridges of 12.7mm surface to air machine gun. The crew-1 of the Myanmar tank troop set 27 min 43 sec of competition record, the crew-2 38 min 14 sec record and the crew-3 30 min 28 sec, totalling 1 hr 36 min 25 sec, hitting 14 of 15 targets.
Myanmar participated in the Tank Biathlon for fifth time including this year event. Among 22 contending troops, Myanmar stood 16th position in 2018, the fifth in division-2 of 2019 among 11 troops, the fourth in the dividion-2 of 2020 among eight troops, and the third in the dividion-2 of 2021 among eight troops. The Myanmar troops could take competition experiences, technological experiences and friendly relations in the games of international military troops.
Cades of the Myanmar Tatmadaw also participated in three of seven events in the 3rd CISM World Cadet Games, standing eighth among 20 country teams.
Moreover, troops of Myanmar Tatmadaw are still competing in the Military Medical Relay Race (Medical Staff Competition), the Sniper Frontier and the Army of Culture.—MNA

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