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Myanmar tennis players to compete in U-14 int’l youth tennis tourney in Bangladesh


A Myanmar youth tennis player trains for upcoming international tournaments.  PHOTO: Bala Soe

According to the Myanmar Tennis Federation, Myanmar tennis athletes will compete in the international youth tennis tournament under the age of 14 to be held in Bangladesh in January 2023.
“The match we will compete in Bangladesh is the U-14 youth tournament. The event is held every year. Qualifiers will be held soon ahead of the international tourney this year. From that selection, two boys and two girls will be sent to compete,” said U Thein Aung, who is in charge of organizing the youth tennis tournament.
The Myanmar Tennis Federation will select the young players to compete in Bangladesh on 8 and 9 December.
The Tennis Federation President’s Cup will also be held from 16 to 18 December. There will be three categories: A Club, B club and women’s competition.
At present, elite tennis players are training regularly to compete in tournaments by the Myanmar Tennis Federation. A three-day referee training course is also being held from yesterday morning until 9 December to learn about scoring rules, laws, and things that referees must know and follow. —Bala Soe/KZL

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