Myanmar to import over 3 mln broiler chicks from Thai in 4 months


To fulfil domestic needs, Myanmar targeted to import 3.79 million broiler chicks from Thailand in September as a monthly temporary project, under which the import has been conducted starting from June, according to Myanmar Livestock Federation (MLF). “Because of the coronavirus outbreak in April and May, the local broiler chicken breeders dropped the production of chicken because of decreasing demand. The COVID-19 outbreak is not worse in the country, and broiler poultry businesses are re-operated again. So, we have market demand, and we are planning to import the broiler chicks from Thailand,” said MLF Vice-Chairman (3) Dr Nay Thurein. The country will import 1.7 million broiler chicks for the third time from Thailand in one and a half months from 15 August to 30 September.
“The broiler chicks are imported nationwide. Myanmar imported 920,000 broiler chicks between 15 June and 15 July for the first time and 1.8 million broiler chicks between 15 July and 15 August for the second time. Now, the country targeted to import 1.7 million chicks for the third time from 15 August to 30 September. Later on, there will be sufficient supply of the broiler chicken in the country. Before that, we have to import them from other countries,” he added. The broiler chicks are imported from Thailand through the border areas because of the temporary suspension of airlines. In June, the chicken price has increased to K5,000 per viss from K4,000 per viss. These days, the chickens are sold for only K2,700 per viss in Yangon market and K3,100 per viss in Mandalay market. The production costs K2,800 per viss. With the increase of import volume of chicken in Yangon market, the price of chicken has reached below the production cost. Myanmar will ease the import volume of the chicks from Thailand after raising the domestic chicken production, he added.
“The broiler chicks cost around K700 per chicken. There are poultry farms in Yangon and Mandalay regions. The chicks are also distributed to other poultry farms in other states and regions. Later, the local incubators will be able to produce nearly 100 per cent to meet the local chick demand,” he added. The country produces 18 million chickens per month, mainly from Yangon and Mandalay.—Htet Htar Naing (Translated by Hay Mar)

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