Myanmar trade body calls for 24-hour access to Manwain post

By Nyein Nyein

Myanmar traders and the associations concerned have requested for Manwain, which is a major border post between Myanmar and China, to remain opening 24-hour operations. Earlier, Manwain crossing was opened between 6 am and 10:30 pm, hindering the border trading. Following the negotiation between a team led by Muse District Head U Hlaing Soe Thant and the People’s Government of Ruili officials led by Mr Yang Shiyong on 2 January 2021, trading hours through Muse-Manwain was extended to 24 hours between 5 and 14 January on a trial basis. The number of trucks has increased from 130 to 270 during the meantime. As a result of this, the trade body called for the opening of 24-hour access,” said U Min Thein, vice-chair of Muse Rice Wholesale Centre. “The Chinese side has not responded to our request of 24-hour operations yet,” he stressed.
This Manwain post plays a pivotal role in trading between Myanmar and China. Myanmar exports rice, broken rice, onion, chilli pepper, pulses and beans, food commodities and fishery products to China. In contrast, electrical appliance, equipment, medical device, household goods, construction materials and food products are imported in the country via Manwain.
Before the COVID-19 pandemic, about 500 trucks were daily flowing in and out of the Myanmar-China border Manwain. Amid the heightened coronavirus containment measures, driver substitution system scaled down the number of trucks to 130 per day, the vice-chair added.
He affirmed that the non-stop trading hours via Manwain post could deal with trade delay problem in border areas.
At present, traffic congestion on the Myanmar-China border trade route causes a severe impediment to the border trade.
The border crossings including Manwain, Kyinsankyawt and Pan Sai (Kyu Kok) need trading hours’ extension to exacerbate traffic congestion in border areas. Moreover, Hsinpyu gate was also shut down for goods trucks. As a result of this, Myanmar trade body has also asked to reopen the Hsinpyu post. (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)

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