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Myanmar will rise again

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Myanmar for all its efforts over the years is still lagging behind in national stability, rule of law, market stability, and facing many domestic and foreign challenges. This is why people may hear negative criticism and news of a bleak future for the country.
No matter what challenges or obstacles are present in a country, a definitive way of gauging the country’s progress is by looking at its socio-economic situation and job opportunities for the people. International economists reviewed Myanmar as having increased business opportunities despite the hardships it is facing.
The Committee for Development Policy (CDP) under the UN Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) released their report for May 2018 on 19 April. The triennial report states that, for the first time, Myanmar is steadily exceeding the three criteria for least developed countries (LDC).
For a country to graduate from the list, it must have a per capita Gross National Income exceeding US$ 1240, be above or at 66 in the Human Development Index, and be lower than 321 on the Economic Vulnerability Index. The 2018 report supports the notion that Myanmar has met all requirements to be taken off the LDC list. If Myanmar manages to keep up the trajectory then it could find itself moving into the list of developing countries by 2021.
The latest report from the World Bank also states that inflation in Myanmar has been decreasing and its economy is steadily developing. The report states that Myanmar’s economy had a slow growth rate in Fiscal Year 2016-2017 but has managed to pick up the pace in the current Fiscal Year 2017-2018. This increased growth rate can be contributed to better agricultural production, increased production of end products, and a rising service sector. The Myanmar Kyat is also growing stronger with increased exports and more foreign investments flowing into the country.
Thus, I would like to urge everyone to support each other and work together as Myanmar heads towards better socio-economic development amidst present challenges.

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