Myanmar with a serene, beautiful and hearty smile


People in Myanmar are composed of  Bamar, Mon, Rakhine, Shan, Kayin, Kachin, Chin, Kayah, etc. There are more than 100 national races have been living together through thick and thin from the time immemorial in Myanmar. Here, Myanmar people stand for all the national races residing in Myanmar. They always preserve and keep union spirit. All the national races residing in Myanmar possess a serene, beautiful and hearty smile. People wear a serene, beautiful and hearty smile whenever they welcome local or foreign guests. Their facial expressions are so warm, friendly and courteous that the visitors are delighted.
They speak their own vernacular languages and dialects, but Myanmar language is an official language and it is spoken widely in Myanmar. Many dialects can be heard in various places of Myanmar. The country itself is beautiful, large and bountiful with dense forests, high mountains, snowcapped mountains, silvery and sandy beaches, beautiful lakes, natural spa, waterfalls, long rivers, flora and fauna. There is much unspoilt beauty-of-nature, existing in Myanmar. Myanmar is a large country in Asia with vast areas of fertile soil. It is rich in natural resources, mineral resources, energy resources and water resources.
Once the globe travelers or globe trotters visit Myanmar, they love the warmth and hospitability of Myanmar people. People of Myanmar love to host and treat the international guests wholeheartedly. They are xenophiles and they take interest in foreign peoples, custom and culture.
No matter whether they get money from the guests for their host or not, they normally help and host the guests up to their maximum satisfaction. They do not hesitate to help others who are urgently in need of some help or assistance. This lovely mind and good- natured character towards the guests are fragrantly renowned as the most hospitable people in the world. The serene, beautiful and hearty smiles of Myanmar people are so fabulous and simple that the international guests feel happy and secure. This amazing smile significantly refreshes the guests. Besides, the rapturous welcome is always given to the tourists by Myanmar people. This reveals the humble and honest innate-nature of the people of Myanmar. These habit and behavior reflect Myanmar culture and goodwill.
All the national races in Myanmar are very kind, helpful and courteous to the international tourists or foreigners with true goodwill and sincerity. Therefore, the tourists travelling in Myanmar feel safe, secure and free with lesser culture shock. Their smile, simplicity, hospitality, frankness and politeness are awesome. Myanmar people regard their guests as valuable persons so they use to call “gold guests” metaphorically. They compare guests with gold. The connotation of gold guests means precious persons because the guests bring valuable knowledge, experience and friendship to Myanmar people.
Traditionally, in Myanmar society, any guest is treated with warmth and sincerity and the guests are even given privilege. The national races are accustomed to treat and behave this way whenever they meet with foreign or local guests anywhere in Myanmar. Normally, the rural people treat the guests well and give them with special-favor. Even if some rural people are poor, they are frank, generous and hospitable to treat their guests as much as they can. They provide their guests with traditional food, drinks and accommodation. Though they are poor, they usually invite their guests to partake of their simple meal or food. At least, they offer their guests a cup of  Myanmar green tea and   traditional snacks. Even when they are busy with their job, they do not fail to treat and welcome their guests. In fact, they value the friendship, sincerity and recognition of the guests. They are rather obliging and willing to help their guests _ both locals and foreigners, on any occasions or circumstances. However, they do not expect anything as a token of return from the guests.
Whoever visits their villages or towns, they equally treat their guests with nice manner and atmosphere to get relaxed during their stay. Their minds and hearts are so beautiful that any globe trotters cannot forget the hospitality of them.  Therefore, such a lovely or friendly temperament of Myanmar people is well-known in the world. Myanmar people do not need to take the training for ‘How- to- smile’ in hospitality Industry as they possess in-born courtesy and a serene, beautiful and hearty smile. Of course, they are gifted in this trade and can handle it easily.
They already get used to be hospitable to any traveler or guest in Myanmar. No matter rich or poor, Myanmar people are excellent hosts of their guests. Myanmar people believe that if their homes are gracious, peaceful and pleasant, flocks of guests will visit their homes. They consider that situation as a good omen or auspiciousness. The hospitality of Myanmars reflects their inner-character and outward-appearance. Myanmars are happy, simple, helpful, contented, kind, understanding and friendly so these characters purify their hearts and serene, beautiful and hearty smile comes out naturally.
Since Myanmar has pledged to move forward Democratic State, international people are eagerly and curiously visiting, venturing and exploring for potential businesses in Myanmar. Tourism is one of the factors to develop Myanmar’s economy. The foreign businessmen realize that Myanmar people are nice, hospitable, sincere and helpful to aliens or people from other countries. The new modern hotels are mushrooming in Nay Pyi Taw, Mandalay and in Yangon. Tourism and Hotel Industry are interdependent. These two industries earn foreign exchange and can create employment for local people. Moreover, the foreign businessmen working with Myanmar people as their partners or their employees in Myanmar, are hugely impressed by the ability, hard work and sincerity of Myanmar people. The foreign businessmen get much benefit and trustworthy manpower here. Myanmar people are best suited for Hospitality Industry and Tourism as well. Consequently, they can grab job opportunities and work for hotel and tourism industries. Thus, Myanmar can earn more FE income from hotel and tourism sectors to develop Myanmar’s economy. The tourists of all nationalities love,respect and recognize the nature, goodwill, sincerity and hospitality of Myanmar people.
The human resources for these sectors are available already as Myanmar people are capable of handling the trade by nature. Myanmar possesses a gift of beautiful-nature and adequate land for agriculture farming, fishing and livestock-breeding so they do not need to worry about food-shortage. It is an agro-based country and rice is their staple food. The domestic food production is sufficient for more than 50 million of people (according to 2014 census enumeration) in Myanmar. Myanmar has sufficient food, water and habitable land. It is safe from natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, severe storms, earthquakes, floods, famine, drought etc,. Myanmar still has plentiful arable land to be cultivated. Also, fresh water can be irrigated from many rivers, flowing from north to south.
The politeness, hospitality, simplicity, generosity and unpretentiousness of Myanmar people attract the international tourists and foreign businessmen to enjoy their visits safely and to do their businesses trustfully. Myanmar’s Hotel and Tourism Industries will be booming tremendously around the corner. In accordance with these genuine qualities, Myanmar, undoubtedly, can develop its economy in very near future.

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