Myanmar’s coconut shell creations command significant market shares across Asia, EU, and Dubai

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A glimpse of the products of exquisite coconut shell crafts for exportation.

Myanmar’s burgeoning coconut shell industry has captivated the attention of discerning buyers throughout Asian nations, the European Union, and Dubai of United Arab Emirates, resulting in substantial market dominance. The artistry of coconut carving has led to heightened demand from a diverse range of locations including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, the UK, and the US.
Ko Phoe Zaw, a visionary producer within the coconut shell product realm, expressed, “Orders for our exquisite coconut shell crafts pour in from Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand. Notably, even Dubai of UAE has recognized the value of our creations, displaying a keen interest and offering favourable terms. Moreover, the allure extends to the UK and the US. Online platforms have facilitated networking opportunities, nurturing connections between coconut craft artists hailing from Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, and other global business partners.” This versatile coconut carving technique yields a plethora of artisanal offerings, ranging from elegant lamps and stylish kettles to charming cups, spoons, buttons, earrings, necklaces, and even chic handbags. Among these, the demand for coconut shell buttons has reached its pinnacle, prominently sought after by both local and international apparel manufacturers.
While the popularity of coconut-based products flourishes in foreign markets, the industry grapples with challenges stemming from exorbitant transport fees, limited investor engagement, and a scarcity of skilled labour. These hurdles notwithstanding, Myanmar’s coconut shell sector continues to make remarkable strides, painting an optimistic future for this unique craftsmanship. — TC/KTZH

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