Myanmars’ marvelous spirit of water donation to others

  • Tommy Pauk
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The wooden altar housing two water pots are ready to quench the thirst of passer-by.

In Myanmar, there is no one who does not wish to donate water to those who need water. As our saying goes; a person who does not drink water for a day will die. We, humans need to consume enough water in our daily life and we regard water as an essential sustenance of life. In other words, water is a life-saving element for human beings as well as living things on earth .We, Myanmars are never ever reluctant to donate or offer drinking water whoever is thirsty around us or beg for drinking water. Besides, we Myanmars are very generous to donate our blood and water to those who need them. We have the notion that blood donation and water donation are regarded as meritorious deeds.
Remarkably, in the streets of cities, towns, wards and villages in Myanmar, at least one cool drinking- water pot can be found on the wooden altar or bamboo altar for public or wayfarer or passers-by. Under the big shady tree, we can find an altar on which an earthen pot or plastic bottle holding drinking water and a cup is attached to the pot. This cool earthen drinking- water pot or plastic bottle is available for public free of charge. It is always donated by individuals or by a charity or by a community.It is a part of Myanmar culture that people donate cash for digging well and lake in public area or in the compound of Buddhist monasteries as a charitable work as well as a meritorious deed.
Within the precincts of pagodas, drinking- water provision is made available for the devotees or pilgrims by the charities. There are charitable water donations being made for the residents at water scarcity affected areas in Myanmar. On the way up to the Kyaik- Hti- Yoe Pagoda Known as The Golden Rock Pagoda, the traditional style of drinking water pots is placed on the altar or stand for the visitors or pilgrims or public. The drinking- water for the pilgrims and devotees is available on the premises of the pagodas in the country.Drinking water donation charities donate clean drinking water to devotees and pilgrims at various famous pagodas in Myanmar.The water donation is made for anyone almost everywhere in Myanmar regardless of any races or any social classes. The government organization has laid down a project for exploration of ground fresh water in the arid areas and some drought affected areas in Myanmar. The project has been implemented to some degree i.e sinking artesian wells to supply fresh water to the residents there. Since Myanmar abounds with river water, rivulets, ponds, stream and waterfalls, we can live and survive around these areas. In addition, the south-west monsoon brings a lot of rain water to Myanmar.
Few arid areas exist in upper Myanmar, but those residents can access water from the nearest river. However, we need to purify some water which is contaminated with wastages from some factories so that we can get clean water for daily consumption.
Last summer in Myanmar, people in the arid areas and some drought-stricken areas induced by El Nino were severely facing drinking water scarcity problem. The local NGOs, individual donors, military service personnel, police personnel and the philanthropists went to these areas, carrying potable and drinking- water of tankers and then supplied them to the local thirsty people. They supplied fresh water to quench the thirst of the locals and filled it up in the water tanks in the villages or wards of these areas for bathing, washing and drinking. The well-wishers also had sent the water tankers to the areas where the residents concerned suffered drinking water scarcity or water shortages due to El Nino.
People, police force , armed forces, philanthropists, local NGOs did contribute their voluntary services and charity in supplying potable water to those who had encountered clean and safe drinking water scarcity in drought affected areas in Myanmar. Apart from this, some local foundations had sunk more artesian wells with sophisticated drilling machinery to supply the fresh water or clean water to the population affected by drought in some areas in Myanmar. These days, more and more artesian wells have been sunk in some of the arid areas and some areas in which people suffer fresh water scarcity problem. Now, it can be said that the local people can consume and use fresh water easily. Before, it was very hard for them to get clean water in the environment.
During the summer, when the water of creeks or streams or rivulets are dried up, the people who live around them have to make hand-scooped water holes in the sandy creek or sandy stream in order to take out water for drinking. Under these circumstances, it takes time to take out water from the hand- scooped water holes. Nevertheless, due to Myanmars’ marvelous spirit of water donation, the charities or well-wishers or NGOs who live in abundant fresh water areas in Myanmar donate fresh water to the people facing water scarcity. This charitable work is derived from the generosity and compassion of Myanmars indeed. The foreigners visiting Myanmar find this charity work amazing and they do respect Myanmars’ marvelous spirit of water donation.!!!

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