Myanmar’s pickled tea leaves, assorted peas retain strong market share in Europe

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Farmers harvest tea leaves at Mong Mao in north east Myanmar.  Photo: REUTERS

Myanmar’s unique package of tea-leaf dressing and salad ingredients, such as assorted peas, peanuts and sesame seeds, has maintained a strong market share in Europe, according to a report in the Myawady Daily yesterday.
Myanmar’s traditional pickled tea, locally called lahpet, was first introduced to Ireland before being distributed to Germany and Britain.
Pickled tea leaves, various types of peas, edible peanut oil and sesame oil have been distributed to some 63 stores in Ireland.
Previously, Europeans were not aware that pickled tea leaves could be enjoyed in a salad. Businessmen from Ireland helped Myanmar introduce the product to the London market, said U Ye Kyaw Zin, a small and medium entrepreneur.
Systematic packaging plays an important role in the export sector. Pickled tea leaves are being sold by the kilogram in packages and bottles.

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