Myawady bank and MyTel tower attacked in Bago, Sagaing regions

Bank 01 72
The Myawady bank seen after it was attacked by rioters.

Rioters attacked the Myawady bank beside the Christian church on Bandoola road in Shinsawpu ward of Bago yesterday with rocks and slingshots. Fence lightbulbs, windows, flower vases and windows of the car parked outside of the bank were also destroyed.

Similarly, MyTel’s cell tower, built on the Moekaung-Tapaung roadside, Kani Township, Sagaing Region, was also burnt by kindling and petrol. MyTel installation cabinet, breaker AC/DC and power meter were destroyed, and phone lines were down.

Investigations are underway to take legal action against those who are responsible for violent acts. There has been an uprising in big cities in the country. The perpetrators, who do not want stability and security in the country, have been conducting anarchic acts daily by including blocking public roads, burning used tires, using sound bombs to startle the public, inciting, shouting, destroying state-owned buildings and vehicles, and stealing money from ATM while destroying those in some banks. —MNA

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