Myawady Trade Zone handled US$ 42.262 million worth of trade volume

According to the Ministry of Commerce, a trade volume worth US$ 42.262 million was handled at the Myawady Trade Zone in June.
From 18 to 24 June, the export volume worth $ 13.165 million and import volume worth $ 29.097 million, a total of $ 42.262 million worth of trade volume was handled at the trade zone, which is $10.786 million less in export volume and $ 0.561 million more in import volume compared to the performance of the previous week.
The decrease in exports was in agricultural products and garments, and the increase in imports was in telephone and communication equipment, electric power distribution and installation materials, construction materials, petroleum products, fertilizers, plastic raw materials, pharmaceutical products, and lace textiles.
Relevant authorities are making efforts to facilitate trade through the Myawady Trade Zone. — TWA/GNLM

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