Myeik Archipelago tour agencies back to businesses from Thadingyut holidays

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Tourism businesses in the Myeik Archipelago are gearing up for Thadingyut long holidays, thereafter, the Taninthayi Region will kick off the peak season, as per the tour agencies.
Most of the tour companies in Myeik Archipelago shut down their businesses over the last three years. They will resume business operations from the upcoming Thadingyut holidays.
“Myeik District Tourism Association observed designated islands to promote domestic tourism in the previous days. Out of 20 tour companies engaged in the Myeik Archipelago, eight will start offering service from Thadingyut holidays,” said an official of the Myeik District Directorate of Hotels and Tourism.
The tour companies have drawn itineraries for the famous spots for homegrown visitors and tourists such as Laykyun (Harris Island), Smart Island, Bailey Island, Kyalleik Island, Donenyaunghmine Island, Don Waterfall, and Padan Island. The packaged travel cost for islands is around K200,000-K350,000 per person.
“Some passengers have already booked a tour. During the Thadingyut holidays, eight companies will run the businesses. Flight booking and high fuel oil prices pose certain difficulties for them.
The tourism will initially try to revive with the homegrown visitors,” Managing Director U Moe Zaw from Moe Travels and Tours Co Ltd.
“We see a rise in flight ticket prices caused by fuel oil price hike. We are preparing for necessary measures to provide a great service in our itinerary. The big challenges for customers to visit the Myeik Archipelago are security concerns and high travel costs for now,” said an official of the Adman Beauty Tour Agency.
Myeik Archipelago consists of more than 800 islands. The enchanting coastline, picturesque views, natural pebble beach, sandy beach, tradition, customs and living styles of Salon people are the attractions in the Myeik Archipelago.
Additionally, the visitors can enjoy fun sporting activities such as cycling, swimming, diving and snorkelling, fishing, studying natural rainforests and fishing businesses.
The famous destinations for tourists were Smart Island, Bailey Island, Kyalleik Island, Padan Island, Laykyun Island, Donenyaunghmine Island and Don Waterfall. — Myint Oo (Myeik) EM

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