myME to educate 2,500 out-of-school children

Telenor signs with MyME 1 copy
Officials from myME, Telenor shaking hands after signing agreement on 27 February.

WITH the support of Telenor, the Myanmar Mobile Education Project (myME) hopes to educate roughly 2,500 out-of-school children during this year.
The Norwegian telecom operator and myME recently signed a one-year partnership agreement to extend delivering of non-formal education to children between the ages of 14-16 from Telenor-branded teashops and their communities in Yangon and Mandalay.
The non-formal education programme aims to promote the lives of children working at teashops who cannot go to to school due to financial problems.
Telenor, which launched its telecoms services in Myanmar in September 2014, has supported the project since late 2014. It provides salaries for all myMe staff, a bus to use as a mobile classroom, several vehicles for teacher and student transportation and other school supplies such as computers.
“Providing functional literacy and vocational skills to out-of-school and working children is the most critical and practical contribution that anyone can make, especially during this historic time of transition in Myanmar,” said Tim Aye-Hardy, the founder of myME. “That is exactly what we do at myME Project and that was the main reason I returned to my motherland after living abroad for 25 years.”
More than 3,000 children from various teashops, road-side restaurants, monastic schools and underprivileged communities from different cities in the country are now receiving non-formal and vocational education under the project.
The myME project was founded by a small group of people in New York City and Myanmar who passionately believe that true reform for Myanmar starts with education.
According to a local survey, 90 per cent of young workers in Yangon are from other regions and states, coming from very poor families.

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