Naga Traditional New Year Festival in mid-January

Naga men line up as they wait for dance in their new year festival.
Naga men line up as they wait for dance in their new year festival.

VISITORS will enjoy free car-ride to Naga Traditional New Year Festival which is scheduled to be held on 15 January in Lahe of Naga Self-administered Zone, with a variety of events, one organiser said.
Not only Naga nationals but all visitors across the country are invited to enjoy the event, planning to take them to the festival from Hsinthay Village to Lahe by car free of charge.
The traditional festival annually taken place at Khamti, Lashe, Lahe and Nanyun townships on a grand scale. It is famous among other festivals of Naga people. The annual festival is usually held in the areas where majority of Naga people live including Khamti border area and Yanaing, Hmat, Patkoi and Hukaung valleys at the same time. During the festival, car owners for Lahe and Hsinthay will take the visitors there without charging them. Normally, a passenger is charged about K30,000 (US$ 23) on a motorbike and K15,000 ($11) by car from Hsinthay Village and Khamti Township. Lahe where the festival will be held, is located 50 miles away from Khamti, can be reached through Hsinthay Village.
To mark the gathering of Naga people wearing their national dresses during the festival, they present their traditional materials or animals to each other as a gift. The act is aim to promote friendship among them.
This year’s festival is expected to draw high interest from visitors because of better transportation services.


Khin Yadana


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