Nagas celebrate New Year

Vice President U Myint Swe and party together with Naga people beating a traditional drum at Naga New Year Festival. Photo: Myanmar News Agency
Vice President U Myint Swe and party together with Naga people beating a traditional drum at Naga New Year Festival. Photo: Myanmar News Agency

The Naga people celebrated their New Year in their self-administered zone at the northern edge of the Sagaing Region in the north-west of Myanmar, in conjunction with the opening of a hydropower station yesterday, which was attended by Vice President U Myint Swe.
Sagaing Region Chief Minister Dr Myint Naing, Commander of the North-West Command Maj-Gen Hpone Myat, Chairman U Kay Hsai of Naga Self-Administered Zone’s leading body and patron U Ru San Kyuu of Naga literature and culture association (central), formally opened the festival in Nanyun.
Accompanied by local residents, the Vice President and his party beat traditional Naga drum, after erecting the New Year banner mast and prayer poles. They then visited booths at the festival.
At the briefing hall of the Taihkam creek micro hydropower project, the Vice President was briefed about project data and the work’s progress, which was presented by the chief minister and an official.
Managing Director of Electricity Supply Enterprise of the Ministry of Electricity and Energy U Saw Win Maung noted the power distribution capacity of the project. A local resident spoke words of thanks for providing electricity to Nanyun.

After inspecting the different sections of the hydropower station, the Vice President and his party attended the opening ceremony. The officials then formally opened the station.
Next, the chief minister unveiled the stone plaque and the Vice President, the commander and his party sprinkled it with scented water.
The Vice President then pulled the operation gear and toured the station. The power station is built at Taihkam creek, three miles south of Nanyun, and its two turbines can generate 1,000 kilowatts.
The Vice President and his party then flew to Panhsaung by helicopter and observed the border development projects there.
They also visited patients at a people’s hospital and offered them cash assistance.
Back in Nanyun, they met Naga leaders, members of the central Naga culture committee, members of the Naga literature and culture committees of townships in the zone, and town elders at the general administration department office.
Speaking on the occasion, the Vice President said, under the Constitution there are six self-administered areas in Myanmar, formed by various ethnic groups. “As the Naga self-administered zone is rich in natural resources, they must be tapped effectively for regional development. According to history, there are four major tribes and more than 100 sub-tribes of Naga. There are committees to preserve the Naga culture and literature. All-inclusive efforts are required for regional development. Peace and stability is the key for regional development.
Only peace and stability can ensure national development. Development in Naga region is proof of its peace and stability. All natives must take part in the endeavours for regional peace, stability and progress. The State is making the utmost efforts to narrow the gap between the regions and state,” he said.
The chief minister also explained about regional development plans, while U Kay Hsai elaborated on the requirements to complete the work. The vice president and his party promised to look into the requirements.
They also paid their respects to members of the Sangha, led by missionary monk Bhaddanta Tejinda, in Nanyun. — Myanmar News Agency

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