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  • We must make Myanmar known all over the world: That has been our resolve since the time we were under colonial rule, and we have been stating our intent loud and clear.
    Myanmar once bustled under the dynamic drive of bodies such as the Burmese Translation Society, the Myanmar knowledge dissemination association, Gandaloka editors group and Sarpay Beikman (literature house), other forces, individuals, Myanmar literary experts, international experts, and literature lovers.
    Keeping up with these activities throughout the Post-War II period, the post-independence era, and the parliamentary period, our countrymen continued their work in the field of translation with greater momentum.
    Unfortunately, the Burmese Translation Society ceased to exist after the Revolutionary Council came to power. The country’s translation industry, which was gathering momentum towards systematic progress, met its end as there was no encouragement and no place for literature experts.
    Thanks to certain doyens well-versed in international literature, Myanmar literature was not totally cut off from global influences. However, the field of translation never saw any marked development.
    Today, the country’s translation industry is on the rise again amidst mushrooming international contact and involvement, alongside the democratic transition. Hence, the industry has seen encouraging signs since the start of the current decade.
    The increase in the number of persons who enjoy reading or studying or are well-versed in international literature has shaped a brighter future for Myanmar literature. Nowadays, Myanmar people are no strangers to the latest international publications because of the efforts of such translators.
    But, efforts towards translating Myanmar literature into foreign languages are still weak. As a result, our mechanism for placing Myanmar on the international stage also lacks energy. People all over the world will know more about Myanmar only if it globalizes its image, or it undergoes a nation branding process.
    So, if we want the international community to know the truth about Myanmar or its objective conditions, we must encourage the translation industry as it is one of the main driving forces behind globalization or the nation branding process.
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