National Democratic Force (NDF) presents its policy, stance and work programmes

National Democratic Force (NDF) Chairman U Khin Maung Swe presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 16 September.

Esteemed voters and people

I am U Khin Maung Swe, Chairman of the National Democratic Force (NDF). Our party has nominated 100 persons in the coming election. We were able to work with might and main for the people from the parliament during the first five years of our ten-year political journey. We never lose sight of the general public requirements during the remaining five years while taking part in the politics from outside the parliament. There will be no freedom if the social problem of insufficiency in the basic needs still exists, and that is our belief. In this regard, we are embracing the policy of social liberalism, which states that a democratic society cannot be materialized in the presence of social hardships. We will adopt the market-based mixed economic system that will ensure equal economic opportunities. Only then will the people of the poor category also have a secure life, apart from a handful of wealthy people.

Esteemed voters and people

Now, Myanmar is facing the changing trends, as the issue of the federal Union has become its main political requirement in addition to democracy. Economy and politics come together. So, economic development, including the basic needs of the people, has become a case NDF is taking into account seriously. In so doing, we have already prioritized the agro-economy, which the great majority of the rural people are relying upon. In this regard, we will steer the country to become the top rice exporter through the application of modern farm machinery. The following are our programmes for national development:

1. Development of the agro-economy as the main issue;
2. Establishment of ecotourism sites at the snow-capped mountains in the north of the country and the evergreen islands in the south;
3. Encourage micro, small and medium enterprises through the joint production of farm machinery and multiple-used machinery in the country. The topic NDF will put forward in the parliament is the development of agriculture, industry and service sectors based on their ratio in the GDP growth.

Esteemed voters and people

NDF will never leave the people. We are not a party that will not stay idle while the workers have no life security. So, the party promises to stand by the workers in conducting legal amendments in their interest.
For example, we will ensure:
— salaries for workers in accord with the social security law during the layoffs;
— legal protection and compensation against occupational sexual harassment; and
— a secure life for workers by prioritizing the continuous and long-term running of factories and workplaces. So, the factories and workplaces will have sufficient power supply in the future.

Esteemed voters and people

NDF places in the fore the interest of the nationalities, and its adopted political duty is the development of the socio-economy of the people. It will never ignore the farmers who are feeding the people and generating income for the country.

— Land ownership under grant system for all the nationality farmers working on ancestral land including retrievers or land re-claimers;
— Increase in the agriculture loans and exemption from repaying the loans for farmers who have lost their ground due to natural disaster or war;
— A two-year suspension period for farmers who are heavily in debt and facing difficulties in settling the loans, and a call for direct distribution of international agriculture loans in the agriculture sector;
— Promise to raise in the parliament the issue of reducing the mediums in exporting rice, establishing direct links between the producers and the market and finding new markets.

Esteemed national people

NDF will never ignore the people, and it will be politically loyal to the people. So, the socio-economic development and ensuring the basic needs of the people is its priority number one. It will protect languages, literature, culture and religion of the ethnic races. Hence, flourishing of the love for the country, patriotism, Union spirit is the second priority. The perpetuation of sovereignty is its third priority. The party will never tolerate any harm to the national interest, and it is its standpoint. If elected, the NDF that is loyal to the people makes a solemn promise that it will be staying away from any act that may make people unhappy. We promise real change, in conclusion.

Wearing ‘Khamauk’ (traditional cap), we must change!

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