National Democratic Force Party presents its policy, stance and work program

Vice Chairman U Thet Htun Maung.
Vice Chairman U Thet Htun Maung.

Vice Chairman U Thet Htun Maung and General Secretary U Nay Min Kyaw of National Democratic Force (NDF) have presented the party’s policy, stance and work program through the radio and television program on 9 September.
Following is a translation of the presentation:

NDFEsteemed and respected voters,
I am U Thet Htun Maung, Vice Chairman of National Democratic Force. I extend my heartiest best wishes for the health and happiness of the entire people. Our party has emerged according to the political needs of the country. We firmly believe that an independent democracy could be achieved through the parliamentary pathway in the course of general elections. Therefore, our party competed in the 2010 general elections. As a result, 16 lawmakers have been elected to the parliament, and the NDF party effectively served the people’s interest in the First Pyithu Hluttaw.
Some of the salient achievements that our party had endeavored were that of providing Ks100,000 agricultural cultivation loan per acre for the farmers, that of stabilizing foreign exchange rate according to the market, that of securing more budget in education and health sector, that of cash guarantee on the price of agricultural crops, that of defending and protecting the rights of the workers, that of submitting the communications bill to lower down the costs of the mobile SIM cards for the public. These were the ground reality of our endeavors and party’s outlook and attitude in serving the interests of the people.
The NDF party will never hesitate to serve for the interest of the people in the legislative sector, administrative sector, and in the people’s political sector. Whether or not the people directed us and asked our party to do so, we will surely serve the people. Therefore, our party has resolutely declared that it will uphold the national interest of the state.
‘National interest’ includes all relevant and pertinent interests of the people on political, social and economic issues. That is why, we would like to say that we specially value the equality, self-determination, and people’s inborn rights with all personal characteristics. Our party totally accepts the building and construction of a federal union with a democratic system. Only then, we firmly believe, the entire people would be able to enjoy the flavor of peace, unity, equality and prosperity.
The party that is genuinely serving the people’s interest is now standing by the people. That is the NDF party. Our party has been constantly following the peace process since the time of its inception. The party upholds principles, such as that of defending the sovereignty, territorial integrity, protecting and shielding the religion and faith, in conjunction with national security and national interest in the context of political alertness. All these endeavors are recognized and accepted by monks and the people.

Esteemed and respected voters,
Allow me to present some of our political activities being served in the interest of the people. During the First Pyithu Hluttaw, our NDF lawmakers were assigned in the investigation commission over confiscated farm lands and other lands. We were successful in returning back the seized lands to the original and rightful owners. The cases occurred in Ayeyawady, Yangon and Mandalay regions and Kayin and Kachin states. These issues could be viewed in the Hluttaw records. Some virgin and fallow lands were from Hukaung Valley of Kachin State. Therefore, the NDF party is in existence in time of needs of the people, and it does not just pop up only when the elections are near.
All are aware of the fact that the NDF party is ready to fulfill the needs of the people. Therefore, we wish to declare with full confidence that the NDF party is a reliable party. It is because of the fact that NDF never ever infringes its loyalty to the people. The word State is referred to the people. The NDF is functioning with the political sense in fulfilling the welfare and safety of life, health, prosperity, food security and patriotism among the people. The basics of politics is food, clothing and shelter. When food, clothing and shelter are not sufficient, it could be said that the politics of a nation is sure to fail.
Economy is very much vital for the nation. People would be happy and contented under the government that is well versed with an economic manoeuvre. The situation of food, clothing and shelter of the people will remain messed up when the government does not understand the importance of economy and has no ability of properly functioning.
Parties must have effective policy on politics, social and economic issues that could properly serve the people and in conformity with the existing times. The NDF party has laid down the market economic design, a combination of government and private sector that balances the economy through the control of law. Such paradigm is based on social status intended for the convenience of people to enjoy the flavour of independence. The aim is to reduce the wide gap between the filthy rich and the starving poor.

Esteemed and respected voters,
I am U Nay Min Kyaw, the General Secretary of National Democratic Force.
Today in Myanmar, 26 per cent of the population is poor. The majority are peasants and farmers. They are in a poor state of economy and sinking due to natural disasters and poor market situation. In our country, we have 40 million acres of land that can be cultivated. Currently, we can cultivate only on 19 million acres of land. If we could cultivate in all the fallow lands and virgin lands, like in other developed agricultural countries, we could manage the poverty line to a certain extent.
Natural disasters will be there every year. In overcoming this hurdle, peasants and farmers must utilize some sort of methods in their cultivation that gauge and evaluate the weather condition. That was why our party had submitted a proposal at the First Pyithu Hluttaw for introducing an agricultural system that goes hand in hand with the weather condition. NDF had proposed a policy on land ownership rights to those peasants who are toiling on their land. When peasants of Myanmar have the rights to own lands with 30-year land lease grants, similar to China, Vietnam and Thailand, and if all the 40 million acres of land are brought under cultivation with modern method, then Myanmar is sure to become a top agricultural nation. On an appropriate day, we will be able to wipeout poverty. We are submitting this to convince that the party is working for the interest of the people.
At this juncture, I would like to share some words of Lord Buddha in comparison with the political situation that is worth of emulating. The preaching is not to believe what one has heard through others, not to believe due to the reason that successive generations have accepted it, and not to believe due to directives ordered by superiors. One has to think twice whether they benefitted you before, think whether it is only lip service, and then analyze with one own’s wisdom and judgment. If it brings advantage to self, others and the people, then it is to be accepted. In the same way, it is necessary to check points, such as whether the voted party is actually serving to the advantages of the people, whether they are keeping their promises or not, whether they get lost from the people’s sight after being elected. If a party is reliable and respects the people, that party should be given the vote.
At this moment, I would like to briefly present our current political stance. They include matters, such as that of the peace process that all people aspire, that of to tackle and fix the rising prices of commodities on daily food, clothing and shelter, that of defending and protecting any breach of Myanmar’s sovereignty. We pledge and promise that we will work with patriotism and love for the country.

Esteemed and respected voters,
General elections are held only once every five years. In a democratic system, the desire of the people determines the governing of the nation. If a person stays away from voting, thinking that it is worthless, then they will lose their own rights of wasting away their valuable creative rights. Therefore, please vote in the election. If one remains muted by not voting, then it is tantamount to giving away entirely the people’s rights of governing authority to a handful of persons. Therefore, please vote for NDF party that has political dignity and political tradition and ready to serve truly for the State and the people.
I would like to say candidly that if one votes in this manner, then one will not regret for the act. In choosing to vote, it may be advisable to look at the party and for the right person; that the person is clean from political guilt, the party is spotless and the candidate is fine. Only then the people will be free from the cycle of political darkness. In other words, the most valuable vote might go to a wrong direction.
The NDF party will not accept a lopsided electoral dictatorship where democracy is taken hostage. As people do not like a one-party system, then people must vote in such a manner that multiple parties are elected to the parliaments, clearing and sweeping out the atmosphere of electoral dictatorship. It was, therefore, the NDF party, together with other nationalities parties, seriously proposed the “proportionate representation” system during the First Pyithu Hluttaw, which is an electoral system in which parties gain seats in proportion to the number of votes cast for them.
In one-party authoritarian system or in an electoral dictatorship pattern, the overall influence and power remains in the hands of one party, creating a situation deprived of checks and balances, losing the rights of amending, and lacking the opportunity for advice and suggestions. Therefore, with a view to eliminating the defects that are detrimental to the interest of the people, the NDF party plans ahead to work for the “proportionate representation” method in Myanmar’s parliamentary system.
Esteemed and respected voters,
In the upcoming by-election, the esteemed voters are sincerely urged to vote for reliable candidates and a dependable party that will serve the interest of the locality. In conclusion, I would like to say that if voters decided to choose our NDF party with the symbol of Myanmar bamboo headwear and entrusted us as lawmakers, then the NDF party seriously and courageously promise to uphold the national interest with full patriotism and serve the interests of the people.
With high esteem to all of you.
Translated by UMT (HK)

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