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U Khin Maung Swe Chairman of National Democratic Force Party.
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Chairman of National Democratic Force Party U Khin Maung Swe presented the policies, attitudes and programmes of his party on 8 February 2017, on Radio and TV programmes.
The full text of his presentation is given below:

Esteemed voters,
I am NDF chairman (U) Khin Maung Swe. Our NDF party exists for the country and the countrymen, serving as a bridge between the government and the people.
Therefore, we’ll never be reluctant to stand on the side of the people in all public affairs. Regardless of whichever government coming to power, we’ll make concerted effort where Hluttaw politics and public politics are concerned. Such being the case, NDF will behave like an opposition party that stands on the people’s side with patriotic spirit disregarding whoever is ruling the nation. This is our explicit commitment.
Now is the time when a new federal, democratic nation is being built. In this regard, much public strength is needed. Only with national unity and collective effort, will the future journey of the state be smooth. That’s why the strength of the people is very much required. Why? Without public (support), democracy cannot be achieved. Under the democratic system, diverse views must be accepted. But unity is to be sought within diverse outlooks. If there prevails unity, we can reach a democratic society.
Otherwise, the dream of establishing a democratic society will never come true as long as we are holding the negative views, taking the right to hold a different view as a pretext.
Voter public,
Myanmar’s major business has been agriculture-based in successive ages. Farmers have never been prosperous, though. Confiscation of land has rendered the farmers landless. Irrespective of whoever reigned the country, the farmers were exploited since the rule of monarchs. In the post independence period, the rice procurement board fixed a price to buy paddy from the farmers.
They then exported their rice. In the socialist era, the then government underpaid the farmers and exported their rice. What about now? The farmers are still being underpaid and rice is being exported at a much higher price. So, the life of the farmers remain the same. The erratic weather, floods, higher prices of inputs, scarce labor force and fall in the price of rice force the farmers to lead a difficult life. However, they are always negelected by the successive regimes.
Now is the time when the government mandated by the people is reigning. Nevertheless, do the farmers get back their land confiscated by the (previous) government? No, not yet. If we really want a change, we’d like to encourage the government to handle the land issues first. Our party has proposed to the Hluttaw for launching a land census.
We submitted a proposal to redistribute land after confiscation of land as the previous governments concerned have done under the 1953 land confiscation law and 1963 peasants rights protection law. But the hluttaws failed to promulgate such laws. Now, NDF has come back to enable the farmers to have the right to own the land and do cultivation. This is our very daring promise, Believe us.
Esteemed voters,
After dealing with peasants’ affairs, we’d like to talk about the affairs of the workers. There are millions of workers in the factories. We’d like to raise a question as to whether or not the workers are being paid decent salaries and/or wages, they are forced to overwork, they can bear the burden of high commodity prices, they are feeling safe and secure and they are provided social security benefits. The business community is saying that the new foreign investment law will work well. However, we are not seeing the big foreign investors yet.
So, both the entrepreneurs and labors are being faced with difficulty. Though they are going, they can reach their goals. Expansion of industrial zones requires a much higher labor force. Throughout the history of the workers, this era is witnessing the greatest labor force. Worksite injustice has become worse, creating workers’ strikes.
These things are not new, for the successive regimes could not have solved the labor issues.
This being so, the workers are not feeling secure, suffering from exploitation. We, therefore, would like to call on the government and the hluttaws to expose the misdeeds of the previous administrations and make transparent changes.
We have to tread on the path of peace in order that we can build up a new, federal, democractic union. The achievement in building up of a new, federal nation rests upon the ability to seek national unity.
Such being the case, NDF party will join the people in
– seeking national unity;
– fulfilling the food, clothing and shelter needs of the people; and
– ensuring national interests and national security
Esteemed voters,
You’ve already witnessed our party’s representatives’ performance in the interest of the people during the tenure of the First hluttaw at all levels.
So, vote for our candidates! If you choose us, we’ll be in your service and at your total disposal.
Once you are not satisfied with our representatives’ performance, we’ll not stay any longer in the hluttaws. We’re not the type of people who will loiter around those who do not want us. So, vote for our NDF candidates.

Thank you.
(Unofficial Translation)

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