National Democratic Party for Development presents its policy, stance and work programmes

National Democratic Party for Development Chairman U Hla Thein presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 14 September.

Esteemed voters and admirers of democracy
Greetings to you all

I am the Chairman of the National Democratic Party for Development, U Hla Thein. Our nation is composed of different ethnicities and religions. Just as every citizen has shared ownership of the country, they each have the responsibility to ensure independence is not lost and the nation does not head towards dissolution. Every citizen is born with full human rights, and everyone wishes for a democratic country ruled by public authority.

Esteemed people
The majority of nations around the world value democracy and are heading towards a system of democracy. Still, there are both developed nations and those that are not as developed as they should be. Some of the underlying reasons for that are a lack of comprehensiveness in the formation of the democratic system, inadequate capabilities of participating leaders, ignoring the wishes of the public, and emulating the systems of other nations without adapting them to suit regional requirements.
Our party believes only a genuine democratic system that guarantees full human rights in line with the interests of all levels of society is capable of establishing a new democratic nation.

Our party’s objectives are:
1. To establish a democratic government that protects the eternal sovereignty of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
2. To establish national reconciliation inclusive of all ethnicities, religions, genders and social background.
3. To acquire unattached assistance from developed nations for the future of our nation’s development.
4. To ensure all workers have improved living standards, sufficient wages corresponding to their skills, are employed for the right job and receive their full rights.
5. To implement economic policies and action plans that will lower commodity prices and relieve the public.
6. To discover and extract natural resources across the country with assistance from modern industrial nations.
7. To prioritize internal peace to end conflicts and terrorism within the nation.
8. To construct a national security and defence system that incorporates the rule of law.

Our party aims to build a nation with nothing short of genuine democracy that guarantees full fundamental human rights which ties in with the interests of all levels of society.

The main requirements of the nation:
1. Freedom to practice any religion or faith.
2. Equal opportunities in legal settings.
3. Freedom to choose careers.
4. Fair and legal rights of citizenship.
5. Having equal rights, eliminating unfair and oppressive laws, and equal opportunities in education.
6. Freedom in elections.
7. Ensuring full-time electricity for urban and rural areas, instrumental for national development, and promoting small industrial businesses.
8. Ensuring state-funded healthcare for all ethnicities and citizens.
9. Providing free education from basic to the high school level. Ensuring there are sufficient educational materials, furniture, buildings, scientific and technological equipment, laboratory apparatuses, and teachers.
I will now explain our party’s stance on economic activities. We must accept a free market economy as the national economic policy. We will effectively support individual development for all citizens. We need to implement an economic policy that attracts a multitude of foreign companies and entrepreneurs to invest in Myanmar. We will arrange for opportunities to work abroad to attract foreign revenue and partially resolve unemployment issues. Establishing industrial businesses based on the regional production force will ensure balanced development for the entire nation.
Our party policy focuses on utilizing private businesses as the main driving force. We need individuals who will establish and grow their own businesses. We need youths who will be working in these economic structures to procure raw materials, produce finished products, distribute high-quality finished products abroad, and establish joint ventures with foreign companies in factories and companies in line with Myanmar’s economic policy law. We have experienced professionals from the economic sector in leadership roles.
We need to regularly welcome foreign investments as long as they do not interfere with national sovereignty and economic policy and form joint ventures with state-owned or private businesses. National economic development requires experts in the economic sector to be leaders.

Esteemed people
Myanmar is home to a multitude of ethnic groups and different religions, and we need to establish a genuine union that guarantees equal rights for each citizen in the nation and cooperates with no discrimination between the other regions.
Our country has lagged for several decades, and we are still trying to overcome that situation while establishing a genuine democratic federal union. Solidarity is based on unique differences and requires mutual recognition, respect, sympathy and peaceful coexistence. Solidarity is the foundation for peace and development.
We need to closely follow the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights to ensure national peace and prosperity, unity and full human rights. The three pillars of government being the legislative, executive and judiciary authorities need to be given detailed and separate authority in line with the Constitution. The judiciary must be completely free from the influence of the executive branch.
There needs to be political stability for the nation to grow its economy. Just as political stability is essential for economic development, the same is true the other way around. The internal conflicts and violence that have been raging on for over 70 years are a hindrance to economic development and need to be quelled. A democratically elected government needs to strive for internal peace and create a positive environment for future generations.
Peace is essential for democratic transition and establishing a federal union. We need to simultaneously work hard for national reconciliation, which we have yet to achieve, and the union peace process. We will exert our best efforts in our nation’s future trajectory to pass on a heritage of peace to the next generation.
There will be differences in social standards based on individual skills, capabilities and perseverance. But there must be equal inherited rights and fundamental human rights among all people. There may be differences in the level of income in the democratic process, but there should be no difference in fundamental human rights between a national leader and a farmer. We must respect every individual’s rights.

Esteemed people
In conclusion, the objectives and aspirations of our National Democratic Party for Development aims for modernization and development of Myanmar and formation of a Republic of the Union of Myanmar based on genuine democracy through united cooperation of all citizens. We believe the upcoming elections will be free and fair and rightfully reflect the will of the public.
The Constitution stipulates that national sovereignty stems from its citizens and perpetuates across the entire nation. Thus the original owners of national sovereignty are the people themselves. The people elect representatives from among themselves to exercise the authorities related to the legislative, executive and judiciary powers on their behalf. This is the essence of democracy. Voting for your representative of choice is a civil right and civic duty. We need to utilize the value of a single ballot properly.
We have chosen the book and the pen as the symbols of our party. They represent the education sector which is essential for national development and foundational for modern development.
May you be able to use your single ballot to elect the Hluttaw representatives who will implement democracy and human rights for the nation. Vote for the book and the pen to create experts and professionals from within the country.
We wish good health and happiness for all members of the Union.

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