National Development Party presents policy and programmes

Dr Ne Zin Latt, Chairman of National Development Party.

Dr Ne Zin Latt, Chairman of National Development Party, presented policies, attitudes and programmes of his party on 20 February 2017, on radio and TV programmes. The translation of his presentation is given below:

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Esteemed voters,
I wish all the people health and happiness. The by-election is drawing near.
During the second term of Myanmar’s reform, all of you have come to know the fact that how important the decision made by voters and how it reflects the future of the country. All the countries mainly focus on their own interests and in the same vein, you have vividly seen that among Myanmar’s political parties which party stands for national interest and how and how much they can make legislative affairs. Today:
(1)    We are under the great international pressure.
(2)    We see all the three classes become victims of economic decline.
(3)    We see the lowest class facing extreme hardships.
(4)    We haven’t seen making any great change.
(5)    We feel that people including media are again far from democracy due to Paragraph 66 (d) which still doesn’t have bylaw regarding freedom of expression.
(6)    We see the lowest class is suffering from economic and social hardships as a result of mismanagement.
(7)    We see rising crimes due to lack of ability to amend the laws of crimes and punishments as well as weakness in taking actions of the executive sector.
(8)    We see influx of illegal Bengali, weapons and drugs, almost all of them enter into the country without obstruction.
(9)    We see people are helpless for the skyrocketing prices of consumer goods due to money inflation.
The candidates of our party who will compete the by-election are well-trained in the fields of political management, economic management and public management which are of utmost importance for a country. And our party is the only party which is formed with intellectual and intelligentsia.
As we have said during the canvassing for 2015 election, “Power” is not our objective. We will hand down good practices of political, economic and public management to generations to come and this is the significant feature of our party.
The Right to Recall, when people feel dissatisfaction with the representative whom they elected, is neglected till now.
We would like to inform you and vow that if candidates from our party are elected we will submit laws which will benefit to the people.
We will, in series, submit laws which will stand by the side of people; encourage the country’s economic, educational and social reforms; protect the race, religion and Sasana; contribute to reforms. Let the candidates of National Development Party participate in Hluttaws. It is sure that Hluttaw, unlike the previous one, will be alive and kicking awakening from the daydream.
Basic principle and policy of the party
–    We will decisively serve the national interests of the 135 ethnic groups and all the citizens
–    We will cooperate with any political parties or any organizations whose policy and basic principle are common to us
–    We will focus on equal rights among nationalities; practicing genuine federal union system; and ending political, military and social conflicts
Nationalities affairs
The National Development Party pays great attention to the affairs of nationalities. We are aiming at emergence of the sole nation with sole objective of all the 135 ethnic groups; equal development; mutual respect and friendship; and reaching a peaceful situation free from doubts, the cult of ethnicity and regionalism.
Economic sector
Economic downturn will automatically cause impact on other sectors of the country. Economic progress is the cause of all the three classes especially special attention should be paid on fulfilling of food, clothing and shelter needs of the lowest class which constitutes 70 % of the population. Therefore:
–    Prosperity of the lowest class must be prioritized and then their income must be generated.
–    For the middle class people job opportunities are to be created; market should be established; and technologies are to be provided in the first step and in the second step they will prosper.
–    For the entrepreneurs of the upper class, they must have a chance to expand their business as the first step and in the step they are to be encouraged to become businessmen engaged in international business.
Farmers and Workers
The affairs of the farmers and workers which constitute 70 % of the population are of utmost importance.
According to surveys, farmers have gotten into debts. Providing capitals and technologies, creating real markets, doing research on what product is the best beneficial to farmers and making arrangements are some agenda of the National Development Party aiming at farmers.
The life of workers are to be promoted by sharing skills and technologies to become skilled labours from ordinary general labour with low wages. It is needed to inform them to know themselves about their lost guarantee for life.
Education and health
Reforms needed to be made starting from preprimary and kindergarten in the education and health sector to be able to keep abreast with ASEAN countries. Therefore, reforms are to be made in the whole sector including subjects, curriculum and teaching aids while promoting teachers’ skill.
In the health sector also, giving treatment, taking preventive measures and providing care services are to be considered. To ensure Myanmar’s sustainable development, long term plans are to be made in the education and health sector.
Executive affairs
We witness some reforms carried out by the government. But the government should be a strong government formed with those who are skilled both in theory and practice; they should knowledgeable persons on international affairs; and should be management experts. The government must be well-versed one on the subject of running the mechanism of bureaucracy and must be a government of good management. Decision makers and leaders should be daring in solving problems who can lay down the right policy.
It is needed to organize the central government as well as the state and region government with men of high caliber.
Legislation and judiciary
We haven’t seen significant reforms with regard to legislation and judiciary. There are many laws to be amended. Much remains to be done for emergence of laws which will contribute to national development and laws with the system of practicing fairness on crimes and its punishment that will help reduce crimes. These activities should be people-based activities and they are to contribute to national economy.
If our candidates are elected, we will declare the assets of the winning candidates. We will strive for emergence of such Declaration of Asset Act. We will submit proposals for acting of bylaw of the Right to Recall.
International relation
Although Myanmar’s location shows strategically importance, now is an urgent time for her in international affairs than other countries because her weak economy. Especially, the affairs in Rakhine state, conflicts in the north eastern part of the country and international pressures pose great pressure on the country, and I think all or you have a considerable knowledge that acting without shrewdness they will cause great harm to the future of the country.
The National Development Party will inherit the “Neutral Policy” which was practiced by the successive governments in international relations and it will realize shrewd foreign policy into actions. The National Development Party well understands the fact that gaining peace in the country and easing international pressures are closely related to international relations.
New generation youths
Future of the country is also the future of the new generation youths. Well-versed new generation youth equipped with experience and endowed with global outlook have been organized. The party produced post-graduate and master degree holders in economy and public management totaling about 4000 and is nurturing nine in the first batch for doctorate degree and five in the second batch.
Electing a government or a representative is tantamount to assigning him a duty to serve for the people. Without national spirit national interest cannot be served. In this regard, the national spirit doesn’t mean radical nationalism. It is just like the spirit of General Aung San, the spirit of giving priority to own nation and race. To borrow the speech of US President Donald Trump, it is the spirit of “America First)”.
I would like to inform you that the National Development Party is formed based on “Myanmar First” policy with educated persons of doctorate degree holders who are experienced both in theory and practice in economic, political and public management affairs.
The party will pay attention to national interest and religion and Sasana. If the candidates of the National Development Party will be elected they will be active in the legislative affairs and it will be sure that they will much contribute to the executive sector through legislation.
–    Look at the leader
–    Look at the party
–    Observe the candidates.
By keeping the interest of own region and own race in your mind, you should cast your vote in favour of the candidates of the National Development Party for the real change of a system.
May health and wealth always be your friends.
(Unofficial Translation)

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