National League for Democracy paper read at 2018 International Day of Democracy

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Nan Moe Moe Htwe

Mingalar Par!
First of all, allow me to extend our heartiest greetings to Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Speaker, Hluttaw officials, Hluttaw members, Union level dignitaries, representatives of international organizations, responsible persons from political parties, representatives of non-governmental organizations, representatives from civil societies, students and youths, family members of democratic forces attending this International Day of Democracy held by the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw.
I am Nan Moe Moe Htwe, Amyotha Hluttaw representative from Kayin State constituency 4. I am highly honored to have the opportunity to read the paper on behalf of the National League for Democracy on the International Day of Democracy that falls on 15 September 2018.
The United Nations designated International Day of Democracy on 15 September 2007 with the intention to encourage and support the democratic system. Beginning 2011, Myanmar started celebrating International Day of Democracy and it has now observed its 8th anniversary.
In shaping the democracy process in Myanmar, the National League for Democracy has continuously endeavoured in its cooperation activities.
Our party has laid down the campaign slogan, “Time for Change”, with a view to enhancing the democratic system, and competed in the 2015 general elections, where the majority of the people elected our party. The achievement was in fact a milestone for our comrades and the people as a whole who struggled in the cause which will never be forgotten in the chronicle of history.
Moreover, the National League for Democracy continued with the slogan, “Together with the People”, and then with the slogan, “Collective Strength”, with the party continuing with its democratic endeavours.
In a struggle, collective participation and management is much more effective than individual efforts. This year’s dictum, “Let us work together for the flourishing of democracy”, is very much appropriate with the current situation of Myanmar as we celebrate the International Day of Democracy.
Each and every one knows the ground reality that we need to overcome many hurdles and challenges to reach our expected goal as we are actually on the threshold of the democracy pathway.
The adopted theme across the globe, such as “Let us work together for the flourishing of democracy”, is very much encouraging for the tasks of check and balance among the three state pillars of the legislative, the administrative and the judiciary, which is very much appropriate and suitable on the way towards democratic practice in the law making, representation, and control mechanism of the Hluttaws.
Currently, we have reached agreements as part 1 for 37 points at the second Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong meeting, and as part 2 for 14 points at the third Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong meeting in the form of Union Agreement. Therefore, we could lay down the agreements for the important task in building the future Union based on democracy and federal system.
The National League for Democracy has obviously considered the forum of collective solution of all relevant groups with multifaceted strength, stability and peace for better advantage and development of the nation.
We believe everybody knows that during the second Hluttaw term, the National League for Democracy has been positively working for the implementation of check and balance for the advantage of the nation with the representatives of the Hluttaw.
We would like to present that we could carry out in better and effective way with strength in connectivity between the people and the Hluttaw, under the theme of “Let us work together for the flourishing of democracy”.
As the Myanma Radio and Television is broadcasting direct on Hluttaw meetings, the question and answer sessions of lawmakers, and the lively proceedings inside the Hluttaws, we are able to have closer and more understanding between the people and the Hluttaw.
Moreover, the Public Relations departments have been established at Hluttaw Offices, where pamphlets and handouts are being distributed and explained about the parliament, and as a result more visitors from all walks of life among the people, students and youths, local and foreign organizations could be seen there.
At this juncture, we would like to acknowledge the cooperative and fruitful consultation with the people and the relevant institutions on the scrutiny over the draft bills by the lawmakers before approval and also the work of appraisal after the enactment. The National League for Democracy would like to reaffirm people’s participation for the advantage of the people in the people’s administrative system, which could be interpreted as the flourishing democracy towards the strategic process, in the context of check and balance, providing and leaving as legacy to the upcoming new generations.
The democratic reform and transition have been acquired with valuable sacrifices that could never be forgotten in the road ahead, expecting lesser level of sacrifice and lighter degree of vulnerability for the flourishing of democracy. With a righteous mindset and benevolence towards the nation, we must step ahead on the right path, with the steady pace to the right direction, along with relevant organizations and institutions on the road ahead. We must continue with the theme, “Let us work together for the flourishing of democracy”.
In conclusion, allow me to say that with the essence of this valuable theme, the National League for Democracy pledges and vows to set in motion for the good of the nation.
Thank you.

Translated by UMT (HK)

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