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Dr Zaw Myint Maung 72

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Vice Chairman 2 Dr Zaw Myint Maung of the National League for Democracy (NLD) presented the party’s policy, stance and work program on radio and TV on 10 September.

Following is a translation of the presentation:
On behalf of the National League for Democracy, that has overcome the challenges and difficulties of the country together with the citizens, I, Dr Zaw Myint Maung, the Vice Chairman 2 of the party, greet all ethnic peoples with pleasantness, while placing in heart the gratitude it owes to the people.
The message sent by NLD Chairperson Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in the 2015 Election Manifesto states: “The NLD, which emerged from the 1988 democratic struggle, has strived for over 30 years to represent people from all parts of society.” In fact, it is a common knowledge.
The NLD can take the leading role in the legislative and administrative sectors, thanks to the public support it enjoyed in the 2012 by-election, the 2015 general election and the 2017 by-election. In this regard, NLD expresses thanks to the entire people for the support and the party is on the way towards realizing promises it has given since 2015. The NLD that started its campaign in accordance with the slogan “Time for Change” is still in the mission of launching this campaign under the guidance “Together with the People” and “The Collective Force” which has full essence.

Esteemed voters and nationals,
Once again, I would present the Four Objectives of the Election Manifesto, in which the NLD has promised all the brethren of the Union as follows:
1. Ethnic affairs and internal peace;
2. A constitution that ensures that all the people of our country can live together in tranquility and security;
3. A system of government that will fairly and justly defend the people;
4. The freedom and security to prosper.
In accordance with the first objective, we have already adopted six action programs that enable the entire ethnic peoples to work in harmony and unison for peace, progress and perpetuation of the whole Union.
1. Work towards a peaceful, prosperous and durable Union, through solidarity with all ethnic groups.
2. Hold political dialogue, based on the Panglong spirit, in order to address the roots of internal armed conflicts and enable people to live in security and tranquility.
3. Strive for the establishment of a genuine federal democratic union based on the principles of freedom, equal rights and self -determination.
4. Lay down transparent projects for the balanced development of all states and regions.
5. Work to ensure a fair distribution across the country of the profits from natural resource extraction, in accordance with the principles of a federal union.
6. Resolve problems between ethnic groups through dialogue based on mutual respect.
The government led by the NLD could carry out the actions till the third session of the Union Peace Conference: 21st Century Panglong. The second session reached 37 Union level agreements and the third session approved 14 more Union level agreements. With due respect, I call for continued support for the NLD to carry on its task of maintaining and further promoting the success it has achieved so far. The establishment of a future Union based on democracy and federalism has already been approved. I make this request to assign our representatives again as the journey is long and there remain a lot of challenges along the road to the destination.
NLD wishes to further cement the foundation of the future Union. We are constantly striving to dutifully shoulder the duties, while forming party discipline enforcement bodies at all levels, laying down the procedures, rules and structural principles, political ideologies and action programs to stand as an able party to do this job.
The NLD government has formed Anti-Corruption Commission on 23 November 2017 for the entire people to have freedom and liberty and for the administrative system to justly protect the people. It has already submitted the six work programs to set up a judicial pillar that is fair and impartial. Currently, the Legal Aid Law was enacted and the formation of the Legal Aid Board is underway. So we are in the process of upgrading the judicial system and protecting the people in a correct way.
We are working towards a financial system for the emergence of a transparent management system that is in accord with the procedures for using the public funds under long-term view for the national economy, for the reduction of centralized system, and for fulfilling the requirements of public capital including entrepreneurs, SMEs and farmers.
I would present a report on the undertakings in the interest of the people and for development of the government during its two and a half years in office.
In the investment sector, the government implemented 413 investment undertakings worth US$13.2 billion during the period. It also implemented 236 local investment undertakings worth Ks6,400 billion. In the health sector, the government extended 11 station hospitals, 18 rural dispensaries and 16 traditional medicine hospitals. It has already distributed 20,000 standard tablets containing health facts for public healthcare. It will also send 735 doctors to station hospitals and another 330 to township hospitals.
The power consumption is increasing by 14% annually and is estimated to reach 4,531 megawatts in 2020. The government was able to generate 556 megawatts more during the two and half years. Work is underway to install 143.7 miles of new 500kv cables and to adopt plans for erecting transformers and various kinds of power stations to fulfill the electricity demand. In the whole country, 3,843 villages have been electrified, indicating a 6.3 percent progress. In other words, 52.7 percent of all the villages now have electricity.
The government has built 4,842 apartments for its employees in the respective states and regions. Additionally, it has distributed 9,364 units for low-income families. Priority has been given to retired personnel who worked for the nation throughout their service to enjoy a tranquil life in building staff housings. Now the government provides Ks300,000 for anyone who dies of natural disaster, up from Ks100,000 in the past, and Ks50,000 for anyone who is injured, up from Ks10,000 to Ks30,000 in the past. It has also increased the amount of financial aid provided for property damage, depending on the degree of destruction. It now provides 22 kinds of relief equipment and rice for every victim.
As regards the rural development work, the government has electrified 4,074 villages with home-use solar system and 26 villages with small-scale generators totaling 4,100 villages with 230,000 homes. Rural water supply can be installed at 5,886 villages and benefiting 3.327 million people.
A total of 1,497 tube-wells have been sunk to irrigate 7,485 acres. Another 390 tube-wells were dug for supplying drinking water for 78,000 persons. Thirteen new river-pumping water projects are irrigating 7,450 acres of crops. The government planned to build 221 miles of rural production roads in fiscal year 2018-2019. A total of 1,811 rural vocational courses were conducted and 47,200 completed them. A total of 374,814 farmers have completed the 5,818 courses for development of good agricultural practices (GAP). In the road transport sector, the government has built 1,300 miles of nylon tar roads, 480 miles of tar roads, 325 miles of concrete roads and is building 31 180-foot long bridges.
We believe that the people will notice our efforts to fairly settle the farmland problems and to allow land use rights.
Education is a life-long process. In its 2015 Election Manifesto, NLD promised life-long education opportunities and beneficial knowledge for all. In accord with the promise, the NLD government has significantly increased health and education budgets. The government projected its 2018-2019 year budget for education sector at Ks2,176 billion, up from Ks1,533 billion in fiscal year 2015-2016. It also projected its 2018-2019 year budget for health sector at Ks1,151 billion, up from 778 billion in fiscal year 2015-2016. The budget increase has significantly pushed up the rural school attendance rate, exceeding the 91 percent mark projected by the UN. The government has opened 1,544 new schools. The middle school attendance rate is 71.4 percent and the national literacy rate has increased to 97.5 percent. Up to 96.4 percent of the teachers have already completed their skill enhancement courses. The former Myanmarsar Board is transformed into Myanmar Ethnic Language Department and the centralized system was erased. Ethnic languages are being taught under the management and norms of the respective states and regions. The National Education Law has released the restrictions of the higher education sector, and student involvement is permitted in the university-wise advisory groups.
We will launch drug awareness campaigns in cooperation with civil organizations. We have already amended the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law as per our declaration to carry out treatment and rehabilitation undertakings more effectively. The law is amended to meet international standard. We can resettle the future life of the drug-addict youths.

Esteemed voters and nationals,
We of the NLD are working towards leading the entire Union to be able to steer the government and the emergence of a government that accepts public steering. We are constantly studying the global trend, the national needs, hopes and wishes of the people, in continuously upgrading the qualifications of the party officials. I would acknowledge to the people that the government has already drawn the Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan. Our reform program has met with a lot of challenges. The NLD, conceived at the very start of the policies that prioritizes the real life situation and needs of the people and the democracy movement, will accept the decision and the assignment of the people to fully serve the duty of the nation so as to stand as a strong government that values mutual respect. Thank you.

Translated by UTMT

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