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U Win Myint, a member of the secretariat of the National League for Democracy Party.
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U Win Myint, a member of the secretariat of the National League for Democracy Party, presented the policies, attitudes and programmes of his party on 10 February 2017, on Radio and TV programmes.
The full text of his presentation is given below:
First of all, I’d like to wish entire union nationalities physical and mental well-being. National League for Democracy will contest April 1st bye election in 18 constituencies. So, I’d like to make the voters aware of our policy and programmes.
Esteemed voting people,
According to the fundamental principle of democracy, “Sovereignty descends from the people”, people’s wishes play a pivotal role in establishing a democratic system. Just as people’s co-operation and participation are required, the decision of the people is very important.
Since establishment of NLD in 1988, the objectives have been to build up a genuine, democratic, federal union that guarantees basic human rights in accord with the people’s aspirations and to prevent emergence of a political system which will oppress and persecute the people and which will be like dictatorship. In realization of these objectives, we’ve firmly held the ideologies of using peaceful means, free from terrorism; national reconciliation; and building general consensus free from grudges and prejudices.
Although NLD and its members were severely oppressed and attacked during the stormy political weather, these objectives were never abandoned. We’ll undauntedly continue to embrace these policies and attitudes in transforming (the country) into a peaceful democracy.
When we contested 2015 multi-party democracy general election, our objectives were to ensure the rule of law, to achieve internal peace and to amend the constitution. Public support and confidence had won us about 80 per cent of the votes from the constituencies where we contested. The overwhelming support of the voters have mandated us to perform the national duties to fulfill the people’s aspirations. We were provided with a chance to exert effort to enable the people to enjoy democracy and human rights. NLD never forgets the gratitude they owe to the voting public.
Esteemed voters,
The rule of law and internal peace are intertwined. Only when there prevail in our country the rule of law and the democratic rights, will there be internal peace. And only when there prevails internal peace, will there be the rule of law and democracy. This being so, we have been annulling, amending and enacting the laws which are not in accord with the contemporary age and system, which the people find it difficult to abide by and which are not in concordance with the democratic norms and human rights criteria.
NLD has been exerting effort amidst diversified danger and difficulty for 28 years to establish a democratic federal union.
Beginning from 2010, effort has been directed towards holding Second Panglong Conference, which is the union peace conference based upon the belief that our objectives can be realized successfully and peacefully only through co-operation among all indigenous races inclusive of Bamars based on the very essence of Panglong spirit.
National Reconciliation and Peace Centre was formed in July 2016 with State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi herself as chairman. Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong Organizing Central Committee was formed in August. Then, the Union Peace Conference – 21st century Panglong was first started to be held on 31st August, 2016. Both signatories to the Nation-wide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) and non-signatories indigenous armed organizations were able to attend the meeting.
We’ve held the national-level political dialogues in Kayin State and subject-wise national-level political dialogues in Nay Pyi Taw Council area with active participation by the people. The dialogues are being attended by the legal political parties, indigenous armed organizations, civil society organizations and those who are worth attending.
The dialogues involve reading of political sector paper, economic sector paper, social sector paper and land and natural resource sector paper. Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong will be held again in 2017. The national-level political dialogues will be held in the remaining states and regions soon.
Effort will be made to be able to build a genuine, democratic union in accord with common agreement of the union indigenous races reached at the 21st century Panglong, to ensure emergence of a constitution appropriate for the state in accord with the democratic norms and to create economic conditions that will contribute to equal development among all regions and states.
Peace talks require a time period. Seeking agreement through dialogues is in unison with democratic practices and a correct process for the future of Myanmar. However, it is particularly important not to delay the dialogues for an unlimited time period. Effort will have to be exerted to implement the agreement reached to be able to amend the constitution. And in making amendment to the constitution, care needs to be taken not to affect national stability and the people.
Esteemed voters,
(1) To promote the socio-economic life of the peasants, the government has issued agricultural loans during fiscal 2016-2017 to farmers with the rate of Ks 150,000 per acre, a Ks 50,000 increase compared to the amount of the loan granted by the previous government.
(2) Self assessment system was exercised by the tax payers. The increased revenue has enabled greater government spending in public interest.
(3) The National Education Strategy Plan 2016-2020 was formulated and implementation is under way in nine education sectors. Regarding basic education sector, measures are being taken to create better chances to pursue primary, middle and high school education and to develop technical and vocational training sector. Not to make parents burdened with education expenses, the government has spent the budget much more on the education sector.
(4) Measures were taken to provide the people with quality health care service and to make entire people healthy. The national health plan was formulated to be able to provide health service effectively and efficiently. Officers numbering 2,004 and service personnel numbering 7,456 to be able to provide the people with better health care, better treatment and better prevention. Health budget was increased to reduce the public costs for receiving medical treatment.
(5) Rehabilitation activities were carried out more efficiently in regard to malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS. Yangon General Hospital was equipped with world class apparatuses with the result that over 200 patients have undergone cancer tests, 27 patients have undergone kidney transplants and 3 have liver transplants etc.
(6) Concerning victims of natural disasters, the ministries concerned had taken prompt action to visit the disaster stricken areas and provide assistance direct to the people in co-operation with social organizations.
(7) For perpetuity of sovereignty, the national defence duties are being performed by laying down strategic plans in such a manner as to suit the geographical situations. To ensure the rule of law, regional peace and prosperity and security, the police force is being transformed to become a world class one.
(8) To ensure life security and psychological security of the citizens and not to lose their inherent rights, the laws that are no longer in accord with the contemporary systems, democratic norms and human rights criteria have been amended, added and annulled.
(9) As investment in the garment industry has increased in Yangon region, the job opportunities are better now. YBS system was introduced. Back lane drains were cleared to prevent flooding in the rainy season. A total of 1,562 low-cost apartments and 421 fair-cost apartments will be sold. Besides, Yangon City is to be extended and upgraded to become a metropolitan city.
(10) A total of 74 hospitals and dispensaries were opened in Mandalay region. A total of 291-mile-long rural roads, 292-mile-long main roads and 72 bridges were built. Electricity was supplied to 244 villages. For staff quarters, a total of 448 apartments were sold whereas 562 fair-cost apartments were sold to the public.
(11) Projects were laid down for all the remaining states and regions to develop in synchronization. Priority is given to regions that lag behind.
Esteemed voters,
In implementation of NLD’s policies and programmes, eyes will be kept open and ears will be turned to the people to find out the people’s wishes. We’ll not lose sight of people’s concerns and aspirations.
Regarding the reform processes, certain changes are easily visible whereas certain are not but they are being effectuated and will become obvious with the passage of time.
NLD has never made the country and the people suffer (from its actions); it has only struggled for the democratic cause and human rights aspired by the people, standing steadfastly on the people’s side. NLD has thwarted all unjust oppressions relentlessly without adversely effecting whosoever individuals and/or whatsoever organizations. Nor has it ever broken its promise given to the public. It has never cheated and/or threatened the people and carried out organizational activities through the use of undue influence. It has constantly done things within the bounds of laws, rules and regulations. As we’ve behaved frankly and friendly towards the people in the past, we’ll continue to behave the same. This is our firm commitment. We’re honestly performing our duties as mandated by the people. In so doing, we’ll join hands with all indigenous races within the union for emergence of a federal union, a modern, developed state and ensuring the rule of law and prevalence of regional peace and prosperity, keeping in our heart our party’s policies and programmes.
Esteemed voters,
Hluttaw is a symbol of democracy. For a Hluttaw to be strong, it is needed for democracy to be strong. Only when those candidates who value democracy are elected, the obstacles to the path to democracy can be overcomed. NLD will respect the wishes of the voting people.
I’d like to wish entire indigenous races inhabiting the republic of the union of Myanmar freedom from all dangers, peace of mind and wishes fulfilled.
Thank you everybody.—(Unofficial Translation)

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